What Clicks is and how it works: the keyboard cover for iPhone

Much more than one cover per iPhone. Clicks it is a new typology of keyboard that promises to radically change the experience of using the most famous one Apple mobile device.

The keyboard for iPhone Clicks is available for templates 14 Pro, 15 Pro e 15 Pro Max. And it is designed to allow the user to write complex texts on the move. Without having to give up convenience of physical keys.

Added to this are many additional functions: from the backlight to shortcut. Without forgetting the quality of the materials used.

What Clicks is and how it works

At first sight Clicks It might look like a simple iPhone cover: one custody designed to ergonomically embrace the surfaces of iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro e iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In reality it is one keyboard for iPhone: a tool that aims to unleash creativity of the user. And to allow him to take full control of his iPhone.

The Clicks iPhone Keyboard is from tipo QWERTYwith some substantial differences compared to classic computer keyboards. Given the size of the device, in fact there are no dedicated keys exclusively to numbers or special characters.

At the same time the user can anyway type digits, asterisks or hashtags: or using particular key combinations. Both by interacting with different people iPhone software related to writing: from iMessage a Pagespassing through any other app developed by third parties.

Il design and the quality of materials are the first distinctive features of Clicks. The key feedback allows fast and precise typing. And the keyboard can come activated based on the needs of the individualwithout having to remove the iPhone cover.

The main advantages of Clicks

The tastiera per iPhone Clicks promises its users different advantages: one above all greater precision in the use of the device, which from this point of view becomes very similar to a BlackBerry.

Clicks also promises to extend the iPhone screen of approximately the 50%: exactly the portion of the screen that is generally covered by the keyboard. In this sense the keyboard for iPhone promises to revolutionize the user experience Of the device.

All without having to give up any type of function and indeed by purchasing even more shortcuts. On the one hand those active regardless, like the return to the iOS Home screen (cmd key + h key).

On the other hand, a series of new dedicated useful commands: for example the possibility of Scroll through websites on Safari by pressing the space key. Or the possibility of launch Spotlight search by pressing the cmd and space keys at the same time.

Clicks is equipped with a system backlight and supports the ricarica wireless. But it is also equipped with porta Lightning o porta USB-C to allow charging of iPhone via cable.

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