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What Google Phone is and how it works

Millions of people use the smartphone Androidbut not everyone knows what they are Google Phone and Google Phone: two names that do not refer to smartphones, but on the contrary indicate the same app.

Google Phone is the telephone dialer Of Google: an app designed primarily for make and receive phone calls. And which however has other rather useful features.

Starting from the screens dedicated to Contactsto contacts Favorites and calls Recent. Until we get to spam filter and the possibility of integration with Google Duo.

Preliminary information on Google Phone

Google Phone

When you hear about Google Telephone, or Google Phone, there is a risk of confusion. In fact, the term “Google Phone” does not in any way refer to a smartphone model developed by the Mountain View giant.

Google Phone is aapp which is used every day by the vast majority of people owners of millions of mobile devices. Although, in all likelihood, many of these don’t even realize it.

Google Phone is indeed the telephone dialer installed by default in smartphones that install the operating system Android. Among the many it is possible to mention at least the models of the Pixel series and Android One devices.

The app can also be installed on smartphones that have custom ROM. But in this case it is still advisable to update your mobile operating system at least to Android 7.0 Nougat. Google Phone however, it is not available on devices running original Android software, but with customized interface.

Google Telephone, or Google Phone, is the telephone dialer pre-installed in many different Android smartphone models

The main function of the Google Phone app is therefore the phone calls, which can be carried out in different ways. The first simply consists of type the keys that make up the number to contact.

Maybe taking advantage of the automatic compilation: a service thanks to which Google Phone recognizes a number saved in Contacts and ends it automatically, anticipating the user’s moves.

Another very useful feature of Google Phone comes to everyone’s liking struggles to remember numbers phone. In fact, the app allows you to start using the keyboard for write the contact name directly. Exactly as you would do within an SMS or a word processor.

Also in this case the app suggests the automatic compilation of the name of the contact being written. The availability of this feature depends on model of smartphones and the updating of system operatedive in use.

The main functions of Google Phone

Google Phone features

The call function it’s just one of those available within Google Phone. First of all the app is directly connected to the Smartphone address bookthrough an entry called Contacts.

Be careful though, the functions of theContacts area of ​​the Google Phone app are lower than those available within thededicated Google Contacts app. Think in this sense about the possibility of add birthdays for annual reminders.

The Google Contacts app itself can be used to populate another area of ​​the Google Phone app: the one dedicated to Favorite contacts. In this area you can save a dialing telephone numbers of your address book.

Per add a new contact to Favorites directly from the Google Phone app you need to tap in the area at the top right of the screen. Here you have to look for it entry named Add.

The Google Phone app allows you to access Contacts, Favorites and Recent calls

The Google Phone app has a third and final main screen: the one dedicated to Recent calls. This area of ​​the app collects in chronological order all the calls closest in time: those carried outthose receipts and those perse.

Depending on your smartphone model and operating system update, this may be possible organize the Recent screen according to your needs. For example eliminating missed calls from the list.

Finally for interact with Google Phone you can always use the search bar located at the top of the screen. From here it is possible to carry out various types of text searches.

For example you can start to type keywords present in the name of multiple contacts: think in this sense of the name of a companywhich could be associated with all its employees.

The Google Phone bar also allows you to perform voice searches. To start them, simply tap onmicrophone iconlocated at the far right of the screen.

How to take advantage of Google Phone 100%

Person using smartphone

Per make full use of the possibilities of Google Phone you can enable the Google Duo function. Google Duo is another app from the Android galaxy (but also available for iOS), which allows you to make and receive video calls.

Installing Google Duo this functionality comes enabled Also within the Google Phone app. All the user has to do is enter the number to call: via the dialer, the search bar or a screen of your choice between Contacts, Recent and Favorites.

After that it will be possible select the type of call to be carried out: you can choose between classic voice call and the video call. The latter launches Google Duo and uses the Internet connection.

Then there is one last one feature installed by default in Google Phone. And yet many users are unaware of its existence. The reference is to filter designed to reduce the spam: an automatic function, which block a whole series of unwanted calls.

Il filter he comes managed independently by Google professionalswho update their databases every day with suspicious numbers. In case you still receive an unwanted call, it is always possible block the number in question manually. To do this you have to go through the Settings of your smartphone, or for the app Google Contacts.

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