What is Claude 3 the most “human” AI model ever

Anthropica company that works in the services branch of artificial intelligencereleased a few days ago Claude 3a family of large language models (LLM) similar to those within ChatGPT.

But the peculiarity of these new technologies is that, according to Anthropic’s declarations, capabilities would have been achieved “almost human” with performances that truly would have surpassed all imagination. Let’s find out more about it.

Claude 3, what it is and how it works

Claude 3, as just mentioned, is available in three different linguistic models: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet e Close 3 Work.

Haiku it is the smallest model, the fastest and the one that, naturally, was developed to guarantee more modest performance, to be used in situations where who knows what power is not required.

Sonnet feeds it chatbot and it’s a slightly more advanced system that it has quite a few affinities with ChatGPT-4.

Opus it is only available for Pro users and it is designed to handle even rather complex tasks that require a certain processing power.

According to the first reports shared, Claude 3 demonstrates “advanced performance in various cognitive tasks“, a big linguistic fluency and the ability to elaborate reasoning.

The Opus model, above all, would demonstrate “near-human levels of understanding and fluency in performing complex tasks“, at least that’s what Anthropic says.

In addition to these decidedly optimistic statements, the Claude 3 demonstrate clear improvements compared to the pastcoming to be quite efficient in areas that concern the analysisthe predictionthe content creation (including lines of code) and the conversation in different languages.

Furthermore, the models also allow you to elaborate Photo, graphs, diagrams and other visual content good quality, just like they already do ChatGPT (by subscription) e Google Gemini.

In short, the premises of this Claude 3 are more than interesting, we just have to see if the company, when the product arrives on the global market, will be able to keep what it promised.

When Claude 3 arrives

According to Anthropic’s statements in the coming months new updates will come to the various models of Claude 3, with many new “advanced” features that are not better defined but which, according to the company, will follow the progress of artificial intelligence.

At the moment Opus e Sonnet they are available via the API released by the manufacturer. Sonnet can also be used via Amazon Bedrock and in private preview on Vertex AI Model Garden Of Google Cloud.

With regard to HaikuInstead, the API should be released as soon as possible.

Obviously Anthropic’s goal is to use Claude 3 for challenge and overcome ChatGPT-4 Turbowhich is currently still considered the best performing AI model on the market.

We will see if this new competitor will succeed or if, in the meantime, ChatGPT will become even more performing, once again confirming its hegemony.

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