What is clone phishing and why does it concern security experts?

In recent weeks, the term clone phishing is showing up with some frequency when we talk about computer scams.

This type of attack defines the ability of cybercriminals to duplicate a message previously received by the potential victim. This means that, for example, those who frequently receive parcels from a certain senderyou may find yourself having to deal with an email from a supposed courier that is very similar to messages you have already received.

As is easy to imagine, clone phishing practices are literally devastating: in this type of attack, in fact, it is very easy for the victim to lower their guard and fall into the trap. Cyber ​​criminals, for their part, work with great care, not only creating emails plausiblebut which replicates the details of in every way text, formatting and possible Images of the “original copy”.

This is possible when cybercriminals gain access to the victim’s email inbox, perhaps having identified the password to access it.

On a practical level therefore, the only difference between a phishing message of this type and a legitimate email is the link present. In the second case, in fact, these will usually lead to a malicious website.

How to avoid clone phishing?

Although clone phishing techniques are sophisticated and very dangerous, they are not entirely free from strategies that users can adopt to defend themselves. First and foremost, you need to be careful with any type of email you receive, placing special emphasis on link (analyzing the URL destination) and any attachments.

Secondly, the sensation of feeling plays an essential role Already seen. If an email of this type “clones” an existing one, the user may have the feeling of having already frequently read something very similar, triggering the alarm.

Finally, preventing any cases of clone phishing is possible through anti-spam filters e software antivirussolutions that block any fraud attempts even before they come into contact with the potential victim.


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