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What is Google’s VideoPoet, the AI ​​model for short videos

Artificial intelligence is gradually conquering all sectors, from entertainment to productivity, and it is not surprising, therefore, that more and more Large Language Model (LLM), ready to perform very different functions.

And just a few days before the arrival of Gemini, Google he presented VideoPoetan LLM capable of “transforming” a textual description in a video. A feature that is certainly not new but, in this case, certainly very interesting which opens up many future uses for this technology, especially given the great accuracy of products generated by AI. Let’s find out more about it.

Like Google’s VideoPoet feature

What really makes the difference in VideoPoet are its multiple functions which allow you to generate a video (even with audio) starting from a simple more or less accurate textual description. But not only that, beyond this it is also possible edit photos, create new images from scratch and much more.

After the user has written what he would like to see, the software takes care of the rest, managing to best carry out any task entrusted to it, with results that are very, very close to the description entered.

And this is precisely the real advantage of this AI compared to other services of this kind: great accuracy in text comprehension and in the creation of the final product and, clearly, a really good level of video quality.

The other great merit of this functionality is the its great versatilityin fact, from the first tests no particular difficulties emerged and, indeed, VideoPoet manages to create a video starting from any topic and without the need for a specific training on the topic.

In this sense the application really scores a big step forward on the subject, bringing tools based onartificial intelligence still very high quality level and with much higher development prospects than the competition, in true Google style, after all.

What changes for users

At the moment the features of VideoPoet are still in development but from the examples shared by Big G on the official page it is clear that the system is already at a rather advanced stage and is already capable of producing notable results.

Of course, everything changes for users, because in a reasonably short time anyone will be able to bring an animated video to life with potentially infinite uses.

Furthermore, given the many settings made available by Google, users can really give vent to their imagination and elaborate increasingly complex descriptions who can create truly impressive projects.

And this great freedom of movement could really make the difference, because it is no longer just a matter of creating a small movement but thanks to Google we can quickly move towards the world of animation real, with one AI tool Really complete e PERFORMANCES to be used in total freedom.


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