What is Hinge, the online dating app, and how does it work

Finding love in a fast-paced world can be difficult. Work and personal commitments leave little room for the possibility of meeting new people, building friendships and deep relationships with which to share moments of happiness and sadness. For this reason dating apps have become increasingly successful: they aim to help people meet and build relationships. Among the most revolutionary ones that promise good results is Hinge, also arrived in Europe.

Hinge is the dating app created to be uninstalledbecause the objective it sets itself is extremely ambitious: to find the soul mate of those who use it and make the use of dating apps useless. ‘Go on your last first date’: this is the platform’s invitation. Let’s find out how it works and why it could be the right way to find love.

Hinge, what is it


Hinge is an online dating application that in just a few months has won over many users in Europe and which has recently also arrived in Europe. What differentiates it from the many applications already present online? The intention is not to keep people on the platform, but to invite them to go out, go on dates and uninstall the app as quickly as possible.

A goal that can only be achieved when members get what they want, that is, finding love. Hinge uses an algorithm that encourages positive encounters between people which are truly compatible with each other. This way, it is easier to have promising and successful dates. The risk of boring meetings is thus drastically reduced.

At the base of Hinge there is in-depth research activity attended by researchers, behavioral analysts and expert matchmakers. Every day they study data and possible compatibility in order to improve the platform more and more and offer members an always pleasant experience.

Hinge’s mission is to create a world in which loneliness is less and less present

The focus is on relationships, but not just love ones. Self finding your soul mate is the primary goalcomparing and conversing with other people can also lead to other important results, such as establishing lasting friendships that give a turning point to one’s life.

Among the values ​​on which Hinge is based, values ​​that also want to be transmitted to users: authenticity, courage and empathy. Always being yourself with words and actions, committing yourself to breaking your own patterns and finding the strength to open up to others and listening to others are the secrets that lead to obtaining excellent results from your presence on the platform and what it has guaranteed success.

Hinge features and its strengths


The values ​​Hinge promotes are important, but it is its features that allow users to set values potentially interesting appointments and to find your soul mate.

Members can grasp important details and characteristics of possible matches viewing profiles, which are extremely detailed. Hinge encourages you to share your interests, education level, daily activities you usually do, and even your religion with people. This minimizes the risk of incompatibility and receiving unpleasant surprises after meeting.

Hinge places demands on users, so that we can suggest meetings. To be precise, these are three questions whose answers can be changed at any time to obtain more relevant results and effective advice. The platform also asks users for the moments in which they are freest from personal and work commitments in order to be able to propose the right people.

But it doesn’t end here. The developers of Hinge are well aware of the difficulties that people may encounter during the first approaches. Thus, after adding ‘Likes’, you can receive specific suggestions for starting conversations and carrying on high-quality correspondence.

The app sends the user notifications to remind them to respond to message exchanges. It’s one way to minimize the unpleasant phenomenon of ghostingwhich in some cases could happen accidentally.

Hinge wants to reduce the chances of the user having unpleasant experiences, which is why it has added special features and frequently provides useful advice

To prevent users from starting conversations they are not really interested in, the application has decided to limit the number of ‘likes’ that can be given for free. You can only fit eight. If you want to expand this quantity, you need to sign up for a subscription. The likes are all nominative: it is not possible to remain anonymous, as this would be counterproductive to the objective you want to achieve.

Hinge and security

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Hinge is particularly attentive to user safety, for this reason, in addition to protecting personal data, it has developed a decalogue that users can follow to avoid dangerous situations while using the application.

The platform invites writings to do not send moneydo not share financial and personal information, converse only on the app (at least in the initial moments of getting to know each other), be wary of long-distance relationships, report suspicious or offensive behaviorprotect your account.

During meetings, it would be advisable not to rush, meet in public placeskeep friends and relatives updated through telephone contacts, Don’t make hasty choicesbe aware of your limits, don’t leave your personal items unattended and end the appointment if you don’t feel comfortable.

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