What is it and how to disable the Discoverable by Others feature of the Journal app

Maybe not everyone knows about it but recently Apple added a setting to Journal (the new app Diary arrived with the latest version of iOS) call “Discoverable by Others“, Visible to other peoplein Europen.

This feature is enabled by default iPhone e iPad and for many it could represent a “problem” for the privacy. Let’s see how this feature works and how to deactivate it.

What is Journal’s Visible to Other People feature

As mentioned at the beginning, Visible to other people it is a feature included in the Journal app which, let’s remember, is automatically added to your device when the update to iOS 17.2 o iPadOS 17.2.

Through Journal, users can keep a sort of personal diary on their device, with this function which gradually affects various operating system settings, from Photo taken until you get to contacts interacted with the user more frequently.

It is precisely in this context that Discoverable by Others comes into play, allowing other devices with iOS to exploit the Bluetooth to detect other Journal apps nearby.

Clearly, the app does not share the name o the position with other people and does not record any information on the various encounters (wanted or not), encrypting all data on your own device about are iCloud.

Despite these guarantees, however, not everyone wants to become part of the “Journal network” and especially the users more attentive to privacy they may find this feature intrusive.

Luckily, deactivating it is possible and we will see how to do it later; however, for those who commonly use Journal and may be interested in “expanding their network of contacts”, it is worth keeping the setting active, at least for make new friends but without ever forgetting good manners and of course the respect for other people’s spaces.

How to disable the Discoverable by Others feature

Clearly, not everyone is concerned about their privacy in the same way and, alongside those who live their lives in the “most social” way possible, there are also many users who are keen to maintain a certain confidentiality and Don’t share too much information personal on the Web.

So if you don’t want to join the Journal network, you can turn off the Visible to other people option at any time and quickly and easily and without compromising the functionality of the application in any way.

The procedure is the same from both iPhone and iPad and to do it just open the Settings and look for the card Privacy and security.

Scrolling down you have to go up Suggestions per il Diarytap on Suggestion Privacy Settings and put the switch on Off next to the wording Visible to other people.

Once this is done, your iOS device will no longer be discoverable by other people using it Journal and the application will still remain available on your smartphone or tablet to be used as a sort of “personal diary” but with a greater confidentiality.

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