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What is the new GPT Mentions and how does it work

The development ofartificial intelligence has made great strides in recent years, with 2023 seeing practically continuous innovation of these tools which have obtained complex functions and features with incredible potential.

The latest in the universe of ChatGPT è Mentionswhich allows users to tag and involve different AI models in the conversation with the chatbot and use them to perform the specific functions for which they have been programmed.

What are ChatGPT Mentions

In short, the “mentions” of ChatGPT they represent a system for involve different artificial intelligence models in the same chat, so that users can also use extremely specific services and toolswithout the need to open the related applications.

With this system, not only are the questioning methods of artificial intelligence, but one is also created significantly more complete work space and high-performance that allows users to have everything they might need at their fingertips.

In this sense, this innovation It also significantly simplifies workflowswho will be able to exploit the peculiarities of each individual chatbot within the same conversation, with even one reduction of errors when switching from one chat to another and a remarkable efficiency of work times.

How to use ChatGPT Mentions

Use Mentions on ChatGPT it is simple and very intuitive and, using a platform that supports this functionality, the user will just have to do it to type “@” in the text box and select one of the available GPT models to be called upon.

Once you have selected the model to add, all that remains is to converse with him and make the most of his skills.

Clearly it is possible include multiple tools within the same chat and, in turn, each of them will contribute to the work with the capabilities with which it was programmed.

As evident it is a practical and quick solution which, like the tag any other userallows you to quickly access the services of a compatible chatbot without any difficulty.

What changes for users

ChatGPT Mentions are a great innovation in the world of chatbots and, for users, they are certainly a further opportunity to get to an even closer relationship with artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, working-wise, this new feature simplifies the workflowmaking productivity more dynamicmore immediate e noticeably more efficientall key elements in the world of work and companies, but also for those who use AI for other purposes, perhaps far from productivity.

Therefore it can be said that this instrument is going to change radically the interaction between humans and artificial intelligencemaking it even more immersive e engaging but, above all, full of possibilities yet to be discovered and tested, in view of an even smarter future where artificial intelligence will play an even more crucial role in everyone’s life.

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