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What not to buy before Black Friday

The most awaited period of the year by online shopping enthusiasts is coming: the Black Friday. Every Friday following Thanksgiving, an American celebration, many e-commerce and physical stores apply discounts high discounts to all or almost all products offered. An American tradition that has spread to other parts of the world and which is also awaited by European consumers and beyond.

Some offers are real unmissable opportunities, while others are replicas of discounts also present during other periods of the year. Furthermore, sometimes we may witness inappropriate actions, such as an increase in sales prices in the period preceding Black Friday.

But you shouldn’t let yourself be scared. During Black Friday you can really save, especially on some product categories. Shopping must be thoughtful and it is advisable to prepare well in advance with a list of products you need, keeping their cost under control. Furthermore, some sites may offer discounts in the days preceding Black Friday, bring them forward or extend them for a period of time.

Being informed will allow you to avoid making incorrect and unsatisfactory purchases and to save money by accessing real deals.

Amazon and Apple, which products to pay attention to

amazon black friday

All the smart speaker Amazonsuch as the Echo, the Echo dot with digital clock, the Echo Show and also other Amazon hardware products such as Fire TV, Fire Tablet and Kindles they will certainly go on heavy discount during Black Friday.

In reality, they are also offered at reduced prices at other times of the year, so waiting for Black Friday, in this case, may not be a smart move.

To be kept under control, however, i Apple products sold on Amazon. If in the past the company has rarely participated in Black Friday, avoiding applying high discounts during this period, this year there could be interesting opportunities to seize on the most famous e-commerce site on the web.

Smart TV, take advantage of the Black Friday offers

Smart tv

The discounts on smart TVs they are now a classic during Black Friday. It will be possible to get good deals on mid-range models, but probably on a limited number of pieces.

The advice, therefore, is to wait for Black Friday, but… buy quickly when the offer goes live if the discount is at least equal to that already recorded in recent weeks.

Consoles and videogames, purchase before Christmas

Playstation 4

In the past, the discounts offered by various retailers on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and on many titles for these gaming consoles have been many and sometimes even substantial. Numerous bundlessold at particularly advantageous prices.

Even for these products the advice is to wait for Black Friday, but no later: the Christmas sales season begins immediately after, during which video games are one of the most coveted gifts for teenagers. And this often causes consoles and video games to return to full price until January.

Laptop e tablet

laptop e tablet

Black Friday is definitely the best opportunity to find laptop e tablet at real bargain prices. For this reason, it is better to have the patience to choose a laptop that meets your needs, previously identifying the features that cannot be renounced between screen size and resolution, CPU and graphics card, as well as brand and model, so you can compare the best offers of the shopping event.

The same goes for tablets, which are now a very useful device for those who want the convenience of a larger screen than a smartphone and sometimes greater power. Even in this case, the advice is to identify the characteristics you care about most, such as RAM and storage space, processor and connectivity, whether 5G, 4G or Wi-Fi. Once these are defined, it will be possible to do excellent business.

Smartphones and cameras at bargain prices

smartphone black friday

If once the Black Friday allowed you to purchase only the models of smartphone older ones, it is now possible to also find top-of-the-range models at bargain prices. By searching carefully among the discounts, it will be possible to bring home a high-end Samsung or Xiaomi at a certainly lower price, but iPhones could also surprise and discounts could arrive on both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14.

Smartphones are often purchased for one important detail: the camera. What if you wanted to buy a digital camera instead? Black Friday becomes the perfect opportunity to find high-end cameras, reflex cameras or also GoPro models at lower prices.

Black Friday and electronic products

washing machines

Indications on what not to buy before Black Friday must be cross-referenced with other information useful for saving when purchasing electronic products and household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Many consumer electronics chains they launch very interesting pre-Black Friday discount campaigns, which expire just before Black Friday. These are offers on a limited number of pieces, a few thousand for each item: the speed in making the choice whether to proceed with the purchase can make the difference.

Drones, hoverboards and other products: everything to buy on Black Friday


Strong price reductions are also expected on Black Friday for two-wheeled scooters, hoverboards and drones. Both can be excellent gifts to give at Christmas and to be purchased in advance to save.

Also monitor the offers on fitness tracker e smartwatchwhich have now become inseparable companions for indoor and outdoor training: a gift always appreciated, both for oneself and for friends.

Black Friday, what not to buy and discounts to avoid

black friday shopping online

The first rule during Black Friday is to Don’t get caught up in the enthusiasm and make less than rational purchases. You often find yourself buying products or services you don’t really need just to take advantage of discounts. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to prepare lists of what you want in advance.

Many e-commerce sites and the websites of most brands with an online shop allow this the creation of wish lists. It is advisable to create one where you can insert the desired products throughout the year, but which you want to purchase at a lower price.

Not all discounts are unmissable and will not be repeated throughout the year.

To understand what to buy immediately and what to avoid, it is good monitor prices also in the period preceding Black Friday and check for any anomalous fluctuations or recurring offers. It is an activity that can be done manually, by noting the prices of the most desired products, or by relying on gods tools available for free on the web which automatically control the costs of the items present on the most important e-commerce sites. Among these is CamelCamelCamel, which returns a price history for every product sold on Amazon.


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