What to do if an Amazon package does not arrive or is missing

Lost parcel Amazon is the largest online store in the world that, unlike other e-commerce stores, handles every phase of the sale, including shipping. The only problem with online purchases and therefore also with Amazon, is that the packages with the products purchased inside travel for Italy or Europe onboard various means (Airplanes, trains, TIR etc.) and, during the way, I can be lost in various ways, especially if couriers external to Amazon are used (for example SDA, BRT or GLS). What should we do when a package does not arrive? Who should I contact? What guarantees and reliability does Amazon provide?
In this guide, we will show you how we should move when an Amazon package does not arrive or is missing, so as to be able to obtain the necessary information and, in the case of actual loss, request reimbursement of the expense.

What to do if an Amazon package does not arrive or is missing

The problem, fortunately, is not very frequent because the shipping services are well organized.
If we have run into a problem with the shipment, we follow all the steps described below to check the delivery times, to see where the package has arrived and what we can do in case of actual loss.

Check the shipping status

First of all we check the status of the shipment, so as to be aware of the situation directly from Amazon. Let’s take the order management page on Amazon, carry out if necessary with our credentials, identify the order among those present in the list (they are in chronological order, with the most recent at the top) and we click on the button Track my package.
Track pack

A new page will open in which we will be able to check the progress of the order in the tracking system offered by Amazon: given that every package sent comes with a tracking code, Amazon is able to monitor each stage of the shipment and inform us if it is present a few hitches.
Usually, if there is a delay in shipping or delivery (very likely around December, coinciding with the Christmas holidays), Amazon notifies you with an email about the delay the day the delivery was scheduled, which could be delayed for 1 or 2 days (even if we are users Amazon Prime). If the delivery delay exceeds 5 working days (we always exclude Saturdays and Sundays), we follow the next steps to try to trace the package and inform Amazon.

NOTE: some third-party sellers set longer delivery times (even more than 15 days), plus pre-order purchases will generate a tracking code only after the actual availability of the item.

Monitor the tracking code

If the Amazon tracking system is not clear and we want to check the shipment on another site, we retrieve the tracking code from the menu Track my package seen above and pointing to the code next to theĀ Shipment number.
Amazon tracking

Once this code has been retrieved, we can add it to the 17TRACK website, which offers automatic tracking of all shipments going on in the world.

Just enter the code or codes in the text field in the center of the page and click Track; the courier will be automatically identified and we will be able to access the tracking information. The service can also be used by smartphones and tablets, by downloading the respective app for Android and iOS. Alternatively, we can track our packages on Amazon using one of the services and apps listed in our guide App to track shipments from Amazon, Poste, SDA, BRT, and others.

NOTE: packages sent with Amazon Logistics (ie with the direct couriers from Amazon), the only way to trace the packages is from the Amazon site.

Contact Amazon support

After waiting 5 days for delivery, if the tracking system does not show any information on the status of the shipment, it is time to open the Amazon support page. The active order will be shown in the foreground (we can change it using the button Choose different order): to get the right assistance just scroll the page, open the drop-down menu below the section Tell us more about your problem and select options Where is my order is Order shipped – late delivery (or Check order status).
Amazon assistance

We will be offered suggestions to track our package (useless since we have already done all the checks previously); to request the actual assistance, scroll down the page until you find the section How would you like to contact us?
Contact Amazon

To illustrate the problem and get assistance just click Phone and indicate the telephone number where we want to be contacted; alternatively, we can use the key Chat to start a chat with an Amazon operator (fast and fast) or start an assistance request via e-mail, using the button E-mail (slower).
Remember that Amazon has the best service in the world and takes great care to ensure that this quality is maintained: explain the problem to the operator and listen to what is offered to you to solve. In most cases we will be offered the full refund of the expenditure made or a new free shipment of the purchased item (if available from Amazon), with the recommendation that, in the event of late arrival of the lost package, we will have to send it back (under penalty of double payment for the item).

If the item was purchased from a third-party vendor on Amazon, we will have to contact him first, so we can know his reimbursement policies in advance. For more information, I refer you to reading the official Amazon guide.


Amazon has become the main e-commerce service thanks to fast shipments, to loose prices and above all thanks to efficient customer service, which allows us to solve every problem (the motto “the customer is always right” is well applied in this case ). If unfortunately, we have come across the situation in which the package sent does not arrive or is missing, just keep calm and contact one of the operators provided by the customer service, which will allow you to solve the problem with a full refund or with a new shipment free of the same object.

In another guide, we showed you the ways to save on Amazon and buy at the lowest prices on the internet, while if we look for valid alternatives to Amazon we recommend you read the article on Alternatives to Amazon: sites to buy online.
If our package comes from abroad, it is advisable to test the tracking code on one of the sites indicated in our guide on How to trace parcels from China, USA or other countries.


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