Does our phone charge too slowly? Let’s discover together the problems that can affect the charging process of modern phones.

Slow phone charging

Modern phones can fully charge in less than half an hour, even when completely discharged: all thanks to modern fast charging technologies, which have greatly speeded up the charging process using new voltages and combined powers (over 120 W).

Those used to fast charging you will immediately notice when your phone charges slowly, displaying an incredibly low charge level even after leaving it on charge for more than an hour. There are many problems that can cause slow charging of the phone, but in most cases we can solve them with small measures.

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1) Change power socket

Dam change

Simply changing the power outlet should be enough to solve the most common problems related to slow phone charging. Home or office sockets, especially if combined to a triplet or a slipperthey may stop working correctly or operate at a lower voltage than declared, causing a drop in charging performance.

So if we notice a drop in charging speed, let’s try to remove the charger from the wall socket or from the intermediate device (power strip, triplet or extension) and we use another direct socket, so we can check if the fast charging starts again without problems.

2) Use only original cables and chargers

Original cables

The use of non-original cables and chargers is at the root of the slow charging problems of modern phones. While in the past it was possible to use any charger or USB cable, today virtually all phones require original accessories to be able to take advantage of fast charging, otherwise we will lose the charging performance we are used to.

The best original chargers for the most popular manufacturers can be viewed below:

  • Xiaomi 120W Charging Combo
  • Samsung Quick USB C Charger 25W with Cable
  • OnePlus Warp Charge 65W Type-C Adapter
  • HUAWEI Supercharge Wall Charger
  • Original OPPO 18W Charger Charging Cable
  • Apple 35W power supply with dual USB-C ports

If, however, we want to use a non-original charger, make sure that it supports PD (Power Delivery) and the most modern fast charging technologies (such as Quick Charge); some valid models are available below:

  • Anker 30W USB C GaN Charger
  • UGREEN Nexode 65W Caricatore USB C GaN
  • Anker 24W USB charger with 2 ports
  • UGREEN Nexode 140W Caricatore USB C GaN Tech con PD 3.1
  • Spigen USB C Charger Charging Station 120W [GaN Fast]

If we don’t know how to measure the charging speed of our USB cable and/or power supply we can read our guide on how to check if the cable charges your smartphone correctly (Android).

3) Disable charging optimizations

Charging optimizations

iPhones and the latest Android models have a charging optimization system that decreases the speed in certain situations to balance energy savings and to prevent the battery from charging too quickly.

If we want maximum charging speed we suggest you open the app Settingstake us to the menu Drums of our phone and disable any battery optimization items (changes based on the phone model in use); on Samsung phones, voice is often also present Fast chargingwhich we recommend you always leave active.

4) Cool the phone

Hot phone

Modern fast and ultra-fast charging technologies have led to an increase in the amount of heat generated by the charging process: it is very pleasant to have a phone that charges at 120W, but In summer the back of the phone may become very hotto the point of triggering the smartphone’s security systems!

In the summer, therefore, expect a drop in charging performance, as the phone will optimize the process to avoid overheating and damaging the phone, charging slower than expected when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees; if the smartphone charges too slowly we can also turn it off, let it cool for 10 minutes and recharge it (always with it turned off).

For further information we can read our articles on how to fix if your phone overheats while charging come on how to cool your smartphone (Android and iPhone).

5) Reset your phone

Phone reset

If charging has stopped working completely (even with all the precautions seen previously) all we have to do is try a system settings restore, which is often decisive if the problem appeared after a system update.

To correctly reset an Android phone we can read our article on how to format android and reset your phone come on how to restore default settings (and data) on iPhone.


If the phone starts charging too slowly we carefully analyze all the possible causes as described above and act accordingly to try to restore fast charging or ultra fast charging of modern smartphones.

We remind you that at the moment wireless charging is less rapid than charging via USB cable: if we are using wireless charging but are dissatisfied with the charging times it may be a good idea to use the wireless charging only at nightinstead using a USB charger and an original cable for charging as needed.

On the same topic we can read our articles on how to use the wireless charger for Android and iPhone smartphones come on how to use wireless charging on your phone.


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