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What we know about iOS18: from the news to the release date

There is still a long time left until the announcement and subsequent release of iOS 18ma the anticipation is already sky high: both from enthusiasts and from professionals and experts in the sector.

The latter speak of the new major Apple update as a possible milestoneeven if to date there is a lack of clear and unambiguous indications on its new features.

At the same time, rumors are flying and several leaks confirm a commitment on the part of the developers to the integration of features artificial intelligence to the main apps of the mobile operating system.

The most interesting new features of iOS 18

Insiders describe the next system mobile operationiOS 18 come the most ambitious and the most compelling of the last years. Some even dare to talk about a revolutionary update, which will radically change the user experience of Apple users.

To date it is difficult to give a complete picture of what’s new in iOS 18but some leaks have already revealed possible perimeters of action: starting from functionality and the designuntil we get to safety not performance of the devices.

Another key element of the next one iOS it should be theintegration of artificial intelligence. An aspect that, perhaps, had been underestimated at Apple. In fact, some sources speak of a company “caught off guard” in the face of the overwhelming success of tools and instruments such as ChatGPT, Google Bard e MicrosoftCopilot.

Hence the commitment to making i new iPhones packed with AI features. From Siri enhancementwhich it should get to incorporate large language modelsto respond in an even richer, more complete and precise manner.

Also Apple Music should come integrated with AI features, thanks to which it could be able to create playlists in a completely automated way based on the user’s tastes and listening habits.

Added to this are AI integrations in proprietary apps such as Keynote e Pages. But also to Xcode: The toolkit that developers build with app for Apple operating systems.

Apple Appointments: when does iOS 18 come out?

Unfortunately, one has not yet been announced official release date of iOS 18. At the same time, it is possible to look at Apple’s recent history to get a rather precise idea.

In the last six years i major update for iPhone were all released in the month of September: more precisely between the 12th and the 20th. And to date there are no clues that suggest a radical change in strategy and timing.

The announcement of iOS 18 it is instead expected before summer 2024, coinciding with WWDC: la WorldWide Developers Conference dedicated to Apple experts and developers.

And if the timetable were respected, it would be reasonable to imagine one beta version of the mobile operating system by month of July 2024.

Finally, in recent weeks it has been reported a bug which would have slowed him down feature development of iOS 18 scheduled for month of November. A hitch that, in all likelihood, he won’t have no consequences on the expected timescales for the announcement and subsequent release of iOS 18.

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