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What will the iPhone 15 look like to integrate with the Apple Vision Pro headset

The new iPhone 15 it should hit the market next fall. Despite Apple has maintained a very high level of security in this regard, for months the web has been teeming with rumors that have shown a large part of the technical data sheet of the next iPhone.

Among the most interesting indications are those concerning the integration of the iPhone with the brand new Apple Vision Prothe exclusive visore VR/AR presented by Apple during the WWDC 2023 and already one of the most anticipated devices ever.

Here’s everything we know about it

What link will there be between iPhone 15 and Apple Vision Pro

The famous analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, shared some interesting pointers on how to integrate iPhone 15 and Apple Vision Pro.

The tweet reads that the next iPhone by will be the first part of the Cupertino-based company’s plan to develop an ecosystem of devices and applications that revolve around its futuristic headset.

Again according to the analyst, this “contamination” between different technologies will be the basis of future development of Apple Vision Pro and, clearly, it could determine its success.

It seems clear that Apple plans to create a system of devices deeply connected each other and, although not indispensable for the functioning of the single instrument, strongly recommended for exploit its full potential.

According to the rumors of Ming-Chi Kuo, the next iPhone will have incorporated a brand new chip per l’UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) which should be much more efficient than the current one.

The production process itself should change, which should go from 16 to 7 nm. This novelty should guarantee a better energy efficiency e much higher performance for interactions between nearby devices. And the best possible testing ground is evidently the integration between iPhone and Apple Vision Pro.

Ming-Chi Kuo, however, didn’t just talk about the iPhone 15 but looked much further into Apple’s future, stating that thePhone 16 should be the first iPhone with wifi technology 7.

The new standard was born to guarantee transfer speed much more important and it is not for nothing that it is particularly suitable for applications related to virtual and augmented reality.

In short, this is just further proof of Apple’s desire to unify all its devices in a single ecosystem, where every single tool is perfectly integrated with the others, so that they can be used (perhaps) as different related tools. to the AR/VR world.

Apple’s future plans

At the moment, however, these remain only rumors not confirmed in any way by Apple, also because the mass production of the AR / VR viewer is only foreseen for the next year.

From what was possible to see during WWD 2023, Apple Vision Pro has enormous potential and being able to fully integrate it with all the devices of the Cupertino company could be yet another test of strength for a device which, already today, is considered the best of technology of the next few years.

At the moment, however, all that remains is to wait for the company’s next releases and, perhaps, wait for some more indiscretion on what will be the future uses of technologies for virtual reality and augmented reality made in Apple.

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