What’s new in iOS 18, Apple focuses on AI, RCS messages and iPhone customization

After much waiting, Apple he showed the world his iOS 18. The Wolrdwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) currently underway in Cupertino, therefore, opens in style with the company having finally revealed the highly anticipated features based onartificial intelligence and not only.

The Apple Intelligencewill arrive within both iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 and will be able to exploit the potential of the chips Apple Silicon to bring many functions on board compatible devices that improve the user experience and which, as leaked some time ago, are fully integrated into the devices themselves, with the ability to process many requests without the need to rely on the cloud. Let’s find out more.

iOS 18, the main new features

The first and most important change concerns the methods of screen customization Home which will allow users to add applications e widget at your convenience and anywhere on the screen. It also changes customization mode of icons that can be adjusted with light mode, dark mode or even manually choosing the color.

Il Control center gets the function Controls Gallery which allows the user to manage all the various icons according to their needs and habits, also adding third-party applications (but only compatible ones).

On the front of PrivacyApple introduced the ability to access various apps via FaceID, TouchID o personal code.

It will be possible to hide the software blocked within specific folders and decide which contacts to share an application with.

They are Messages arriva Tapbacks which allows you to use different reactions to any message received. It will also be possible schedule the sending of a message, add different styles of formattingsend messages via satellite (function available from iPhone 14 Plus onwards) and, what should not be overlooked, the highly anticipated one also arrives standard RCSwhich greatly simplifies communication even with devices Android.

They are Apple Mail new ones arrive organization methods of emails with the possibility to choose between Primarywhere there are only the most important messages; Transactionswith confirmations and receipts of sending; Updates, which contains news and notifications from social media; Promotions, with advertisements. Furthermore, it will also be possible to gather all the emails sent for a certain context in a single folder.

Furthermore, thanks to AI, users will be able to use a system on both Messages and Mail to help them write and automatically reply to various emails.

Great news also for Safari which obtains the function Highlights which allows you to find information on the web much more quickly; more with the use of machine learning the browser is able to significantly improve the search by showing the summary of an articlefor example, or le most important information.

L’App Passwords resumes what was done with Keychain and allows the user to access all the access keys stored on the device. The feature also warns the user when an entered password is too weak, too common or if it has been involved in some data theft on the web.

The last big update of iOS 18 concerns the app Photo which allows users to better manage the device gallery it’s a cataloguing more immediate. Thanks to AI, it also comes Collections which is capable of organizing photos by different themes, leaving the user with ample room for movement.

More iOS 18 news

Among the other news presented at WWDC 2024, those concerning Apple Music that thanks to SharePlay will allow users to control the music being played from HomePod, AppleTV o speaker Bluetooth compatibile.

They are Note the function arrives Math Notes which helps the user solve equations, even the most complex ones.

It also changes Calendar which will also show inside events and activities saved as Memorandum.

They are Salute Apple has completely redesigned the screen folder clinic so as to allow quicker and more immediate access to the various information.

L’app Casa obtains the access mode for guests which, clearly, allows you to manage the various devices while limiting the possibilities for people outside the family unit.

They are Maps the brand new ones arrive maps topographical of the US national parks which will also be accessible offline.

It also updates Wallet which gets a nice design change and different features like Tap to Cash which allows two iPhones to swap AppleCash without having to share your phone number. As regards the various tickets contained in the digital wallet, it will also be possible to view information on an event.

They are Diary new ways are coming in-depth analysis of the topics and other features fororganization of contents. The app also gets quick access widget from your home screen or lock screen.

Finally, it also arrives on iPhone Game Modethe special mode that allows the user to better manage the power of the device while playing games to avoid slowdowns and always guarantee the best possible experience.

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