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WhatsApp, a new interface is coming: what changes

WhatsApp has always paid particular attention to users, trying to satisfy requests and needs with numerous updates. The latter have become increasingly frequent and, thanks to the incessant work of the platform developers, there are many new features that have landed on the app for all types of devices and features that have been implemented to make it increasingly intuitive, functional and competitive.

Recently, an innovative interface is being worked on, which allows for faster use and which gives the entire application a more modern and current look. Let’s find out all the changes coming for users who use the platform to chat every day with distant friends, relatives and colleagues.

New interface on Android, what will change

WhatsApp will change appearance thanks to the addition of new elements and new features. The lucky users who can already use the new features, implemented on WhatsApp beta for Android to test them before the official launch, have declared the presence of a white top bar which will allow you to move around the application much faster.

Per the top bar of the app, where there are buttons for search, settings and the camera, there are also changes that will be shown while using WhatsApp dark theme.

The bar will be rendered darker than the one currently present. This is a small modification still under development, which will have to wait a little longer before seeing the light.

At least for the moment, the requests of those who wanted to remain unsatisfied a new version of the dark themebased on the grayscale and black color, much more comfortable on the latest generation screens, with a more pleasant appearance and which guarantees better performance.

WhatsApp, other important changes to come

The news is not finished. On iOS, the interface will soon be improved in different sections of the application: users will be able to notice rounded corners, margins around the edges, and a translucent navigation bar. Some menus have been changed and users will have the ability to swipe between tabs.

On Android, some beta testers are testing advanced proxy settings to configure chat and media ports. A feature that allows you to choose will be implemented how long messages should be blocked within chats and groups, new icons for communities.

Work is underway on improved and large stickers, the ability to mute calls from strangers, a new one privacy control features and so much more.

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