WhatsApp: all emojis such as Reactions can be used. Avatars coming to videocall

The news of the new recap relating to WhatsApp are so many: among them, the release of the function to use all the emojis to react to messages, and the discovery that the platform is working on the use of avatars in video calls stands out.
WhatsApp: all emojis such as Reactions can be used.  Avatars coming to videocall

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While not as equipped as Telegram, which has also recently acquired a subscription plan full of options, WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging platform, with a design team always struggling with the development of new features, some of which have just been discovered. , net of another, however, already in release.

The first news of this short recap concerns WhatsApp for iOS. Specifically, what was discovered on the occasion of the beta of WhatsApp for Android, then also detected in a beta for Desktop, has now been found as in development also in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS: it is the possibility of exiting from groups silently, since, unlike today (the exit notification is published in the chat, for all), the exit notification will be sent to the chat administrator only. However, it should be noted that, as emerged in the past (beta for Android), it will still be possible to consult a list of users who have joined the chat in the past.

From the beta of WhatsApp for Android, it is possible to discover the second novelty, perhaps the most interesting of the recap. In this case, the WABetaInfo leakers have discovered the initial sketches of a still budding function that will allow, while on a video call, to switch to using an avatar. At the moment, intervening on the item “Switch to the avatar” no results have been obtained and therefore it is difficult to dissect the functioning of the future improvement, which – in any case – should remember the Memoji, the Animoji, and the AR Emoji, with the alters that the movements follow the real facial expressions: on the other hand, it seems that, from the “Avatar Editor” section, you can customize your avatar and, in the end, also send it in chat, both individually and in groups, as a sticker.

The third news in WhatsApp share was substantiated in the discovery that the function to blur a part of the image, made available in the photo editor in the mobile app (also for Android), is also being developed in the version for Desktop, as confirmed by some screenshots extracted from a beta release for PC.

Finally, a novelty in release, albeit always in the experimental channel. In the beta and of WhatsApp for Android and in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS, it emerged that, for some testers, the function that allows you to react to messages using any emoji, under the banner of an option that was first discussed about two months ago. On Android, the function provides that, by touching the “plus” sign in the Reactions bar, the virtual keyboard will open while, if you do so on iOS, a movable section will appear in which you can search and select your favorite emoji.


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