WhatsApp and Chat Lock: the function active on all platforms

Through a careful analysis of the latest Android beta, the site WABetaInfo found out how the developers are introducing a little news on WhatsApp.

The function known as Chat Lock, used to block conversations, will soon operate in a cross-platform context. This means that by blocking a chat on mobile, it will also remain blocked on the Web version or in theapp Windows on WhatsApp.

This is new, given that until recently the platform treated the different versions separately, with the need to manually block the chat on all instances of the same WhatsApp account.

This implementation would have been revealed by a line of text, identified by the aforementioned site, which refers to the function introduced a few months ago. According to the document, blocked chats will also be collected in a list and, to access them, you will need to use a specific code.

When will Chat Lock’s “cross-platform” feature be available?

This update, as WABetaInfo points out, will allow you to unify privacy management between the different instances of the same account, without having to worry about manually acting on smartphones, browsers or Windows software.

The functionality is still under development, therefore not yet accessible to users. Despite this, according to the information filtered so far, it could be available to beta testing in the imminent future. Likewise, it is not known if and when multiplatform operation will be available iOS. Most likely, however, even iPhone users will soon be able to take advantage of this function with a slight delay compared to Android devices.

WhatsApp, in recent years, has demonstrated its willingness to move increasingly decisively to protect privacy privacy of users, with the ability to hide from intrusive contacts and other solutions gradually introduced by the messaging app.


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