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WhatsApp and Google Drive, goodbye to unlimited backup: what changes for users

WhatsApp’s intention to no longer guarantee unlimited backup on Google Drive of the chats and other contents exchanged on the platform had already been made known in the past, but now this hypothesis seems to be about to materialize. The alarm comes from some users who are using the beta version of the application for Android and previewing the new features to allow the developers to optimize them before the official release. And among the changes noted a banner appeared confirming the company’s plans.

This novelty is exclusively striking users who have a device supported by the Android operating system. In fact, owners of iOS devices already had limited storage space.

Unlimited WhatsApp backup to Google Drive, what’s about to change

The banner, which only appeared to a limited number of users using the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, announces that in the next few months unlimited backup on will cease to exist Google Drive. There is no more specific indication of when the change will take place, but it can reasonably be assumed that it is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

The change, for users, will be important, since they will have to pay more attention to what they intend to archive. If in the past it was not necessary to limit yourself, now you will have to try to avoid heavy backups, reducing the presence of content such as videos.

All interested users will receive a notification 30 days before the update to allow them to organize their backups and data. If the established GB is exceeded, it will be necessary to purchase additional storage space.

WhatsApp, alternatives for large backups

If your contents exceed the space made available for free by Google Drive, which is currently 15 GB, you can evaluate valid alternatives. The first of all is to opt for a paid plan from Google to get additional space and continue to keep images, videos, files and memories safe.

Google One Basic offers 100 GB of storage, Google expert support, and other benefits at a cost of 1.99 euros per month. For 200 GB you need to subscribe to the Standard plan at 2.99 euros per month. The Premium plan, for 2 TB of space, costs 9.99 euros per month. Savings can be achieved with an annual payment.

Users with an iOS device have this available also 5 GB of space on Apple’s cloud service. Other services, such as Microsoft’s One Drive, allow file storage and access to large storage spaces after subscribing to a subscription plan.

If you don’t want to sign up for subscriptions and opt for paid solutions, you can do it a backup on your smartphone and later move it to a physical storage device or personal computer. The level of security, in this case, is significantly lower than that of cloud storage.

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