WhatsApp, authentication using passkeys is official

Last week Google announced that the passkey they would soon become the default authentication method for users and their personal accounts. Within the same announcement the company stated that support is growing. In fact, some of the companies that have already enabled them permanently on their applications and websites have been listed.

It was also mentioned among these WhatsApp, one of those that will soon add compatibility with this security method. This confirms previously released rumors according to which the instant messaging giant had already tested this functionality during some versions of its program beta.

During the last hours of yesterday the announcement officially arrived: WhatsApp supports passkeys official for users. Now all of them can use the new authentication method of their device. It will be an alternative to unlocking with a fingerprint, face or simple four or six-digit pin

WhatsApp launches passkeys, the new app authentication method

WhatsApp had implemented a new pin code useful for optional two-step verification as well as a periodic fingerprint lock function. This type of authentication will not be removed from the application, but will now be integrated with the new passkeys.

The new method will therefore consist of an additional level of security. Although support for this innovation has finally been made public by WhatsApp, it seems that not everything is yet active in the latest stable version dedicated to Android users. The only users who can benefit from it at least for the moment are those who are using the latest beta

The process of setting up your passkey will be simple and guided for everyone, with the new authentication method that will be stored by Google.


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