The release of news in the WhatsApp house is proceeding at a rapid pace, which, feeling the strong breath on the neck of Telegram, has released a burst of beta, bringing various new features for its different iterations in green.
WhatsApp: avalanche news for UWP, iOS and Android

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WhatsApp, the main application in terms of instant messaging, always taken head to head with Telegram, has formalized a series of updates for Android, Windows and iOS, through beta that introduce many improvements.

In the past few hours, WhatsApp has released new betas for Android. With, Menlo Park focused on correcting a bug that emerged with the beta release 2.22.13, due to which when you went to delete the chats, in the notification area a 100% still notification remained persistent . With the aforementioned update, available from ApkMirror or Play Store, it is back to being able to delete chats in peace and efficiency. On the other hand, analyzing the beta for Android, the WABetaInfo leakers noticed two things.

The first concerns a function under development, perhaps to be released together with the Communities, pertaining to the manual approval of those who want to join a group through an invitation link. To date, you can enter without being asked (it is still possible to prevent them from being added from the settings), in case you are added directly by an admin: however, you can also join a group by clicking on an invitation link and this is possible for anyone with a given link, without any discrimination.

In the future, however, by activating the “group membership approval” function from the settings, the admins will have, in the group info, a section containing all the requests for membership via links arrived, with the option of deciding who cannot enter and who, on the other hand, will have the green light, under the banner of an event displayed in group chats. The other novelty planned with the update is already effective, substantiated in the addition of new gender neutral emojis.

The Universal Windows Platform beta version of WhatsApp has also been updated, with release 2.2223.11.70 made available in the Windows Store. In this case, the ability to create groups of up to 512 users and to react to messages with a panel of six emojis through a button on the side of the balloon, while clicking on the Reaction below the message you can see who reacted to the message. .

In January, WhatsApp released a series of filters for business users, including one for unread chats. The filter data then arrived on WhatsApp beta for Desktop and macOS and, secondly, on WhatsApp beta for Android. Now, the enabling of standard users passes through the involvement of the iOS ones, thanks to the beta By installing the new release from TestFlight, next to the search form the filter funnel will appear which, when touched, will reveal the chats in which there are unread messages, with the possibility of removing the filter by retouching the funnel, or by operating on the writing ” delete filter “.


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