WhatsApp: bug fixed on Desktop, group polls restarted on iOS

It is time for “squared” commitment for the development team focused on Menlo Park on WhatsApp, with the famous app that, having solved some bugs for the Desktop version, has advanced, on the mobile version, the progress towards the launch of the polls in the groups
WhatsApp: bug fixed on Desktop, group polls restarted on iOS

The popular WhatsApp messaging platform, famous for having retired the obsolete (and expensive) SMS several years ago, keeps up with its rhythm of practically daily releases and, in the past few hours, has taken advantage of its daily frequency to fix a bug in its Desktop iteration, and to carry on – in the beta for iOS – the development of surveys for groups.

The first Whatsuppian novelty of this week’s start somehow concerns the scope of the multi-device system, which Menlo Park is progressively improving. To date, in the web version of WhatsApp there are still things that cannot be done, such as viewing the live position on connected devices, creating broadcast lists and generating previews for links / links. However, this last feature has always been possible in the WhatsApp Desktop version, except for the fact that, due to some technical problems, it has disappeared a few days ago, with the consequence that, by typing a link in the text box (but also after sending , in conversation), the preview was not generated.

Aware of the problem, the technicians of CEO Will Cathcart have almost immediately remedied it, but intervening on the beta channel of WhatsApp Desktop, releasing version 2.2212.1 for macOS (whose users seem to have noticed the bugfix even in possession of the 2.2208 release. 15 and 2.2210.9) and Windows.

In the past, on the occasion of the release of the beta for iOS, the leakers of WABetaInfo noted the intention, on the part of WhatsApp, to create surveys in favor of the groups: with the release of the following beta, again through the TestFlight channel, other details have emerged. Specifically, it seems that WhatsApp intends to allow the possibility of inserting up to 12 options in the survey with, while still in the creation phase, the ability to reorder the various options.

At the moment, however, no details have been leaked that suggest the imminent release of the polling function in the groups which, as still in development, is not yet evident even though it procures the beta mentioned above.

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