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WhatsApp Business, new features for listings and advertising are coming soon

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications ever. For companies it represents an important tool for communicating with customers, transmitting advertising messages, offers and promotions. For this reason WhatsApp Business was developed, a special platform designed for businesses, professionals and organizations of all kinds and which is constantly updated to offer those who use it everything they need to achieve their goals.

According to what reported by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp and WhatsApp Businessnew features will be released soon they facilitate communication between companies and new potential customers.

WhatsApp Business, the new function announced by Zuckerberg: what it is

What is coming is a feature long awaited by companies and professionalsas it allows you to launch advertising campaigns on different platforms and reach a greater number of users and potential customers.

Visible advertisements can be created on the two social networks of the Meta universe, Facebook and Instagram, directly from the WhatsApp Business app. This reduces the time to create and disseminate advertisements and it will no longer be necessary to have a Facebook account to create them, since it will be sufficient to indicate an e-mail address and a payment method.

WhatsApp Business, other features for companies

The possibility of create ads from WhatsApp Business also visible on Instagram and Facebook is a novelty that offers an important advantage to companies, but it is not the only one foreseen. Meta has fully understood the need of companies to maximize customer engagement and to be able to capture their attention.

The platform will release optional and paid features specially designed for small businesses, which often struggle to communicate effectively with their customers. Thanks to the new tools at their disposal, they will be able to send personalized promotions to users, reminders to remember particular events or updates on special sales using pre-set templates.

Companies will be able to efficiently manage their investments in advertising and communication campaigns as they will be able to obtain the expense incurred for each single message sent. The price to access advanced tools may vary by country.

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