WhatsApp, chat backup on Android will no longer be free

The use of WhatsApp, even changing smartphones, has become much easier. Anyone who buys a new Android device knows that setting up the instant messaging application is very simple. In fact, just log in and give space to the backup made on the cloud using the old device and that’s it: chats, multimedia contents and everything else will start to be downloaded.

The platform has accustomed everyone to backing up chats for free but now everything will change inexorably. In fact, starting from the month of December of this 2023 we will have to get used to something new: the announcement published yesterday will make everything more difficult.

In fact, WhatsApp backup will also begin to be included within the storage space of your Google account. It was the Mountain View giant who announced it, which indirectly forced many people to subscribe to a cloud storage solution like Google One for example.

Simply put, most people, to save WhatsApp data, will need extra space which they will not have and therefore will have to purchase it.

WhatsApp, Android users backup will take place on Google account

As everyone knows, Google’s cloud storage corresponds to 15 GB. They contain all the data relating to Gmail, Google Photos and many other apps from the giant. From December the backup of WhatsApp chats will also be included, so those 15 GB may not be enough.

In fact, on average the data storage of the famous messaging application exceeds 10 GB; considering that, excluding WhatsApp, Google users already find themselves having to deal with not enough space on their cloud, they will need to purchase extra memory to be able to save the data of the app dedicated to messages.

The advice is to reduce the size of the backup, even if it will take a long time. In fact, users will have to sift through each chat, eliminating any media and any superfluous files.


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