WhatsApp: discovered the function to export backups

Among the various new features discovered by the leakers in the past few hours about WhatsApp, the most interesting undoubtedly concerns the option to export backups saved on Google Drive.
WhatsApp: discovered the function to export backups

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Even when they do not release actual news, WhatsApp programmers always offer excellent food for thought, as demonstrated by the discoveries made in the past few hours by the WABetaInfo leakers.

The first discovery of the well-known feature trackers was obtained by examining the code of the beta release of WhatsApp for Android. Here, among the various lines of code, there are some that refer, as in the extracted screenshot, to a function that will allow you to export a backup of your chats in the future, including the entire history of the same, with everything he shared in messages, photos, videos and other multimedia material.

The function in question would also be completed by an option to re-import the backup to the Google cloud, GDrive, where WhatsApp backups are usually saved when performed on Android devices: at the moment, experts are not clear if this discovery is due to the rumors circulated at the beginning of the year, relating to the end of the unlimited space granted by GDrive to WhatsApp backups on Android or / and whether the discovery can be traced back to a system for migrating backups from an Android device to an iOS .

Last April in a beta for Desktop, and at the beginning of May in one for iOS (, the preparation of a function was discovered, again by WABetaInfo, that would have allowed to consult the status updates, the WhatsApp Stories, directly from the chat list. In this way, you will be immediately informed if one of the contacts with whom you have a chat in progress has published a status update. In the past few hours, thanks to the distribution of the beta for WhatsApp destined for Android, it has been certain that this opportunity is also being developed for users of the green robot.

Always in the name of uniformity in the experience of using the platform, comes the latest discovery. With the beta of WhatsApp for Android number, the intention of the platform to help business accounts was brought to light by introducing a shortcut for creating orders, in the action sheet within the chats. A recent reverse engineering session made it possible to ascertain that this improvement will also land on Whatsapp Desktop and, starting from that moment, (only) company accounts will be able, directly from within a conversation, to create an order by adding products, specifying price and quantity, to then share the order with the customer with whom you are interacting.


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