WhatsApp: dual account support on one device official

Today is a day full of news for Meta, its platforms and – obviously – the users who use them every day. In fact, in addition to the broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger and the self-deleting voice messages on WhatsApp (in beta), the US tech giant has officially announced the Dual account support on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: from now on it is possible to log in with two accounts

Users have long been clamoring for the ability to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. Well, that moment has finally arrivedas confirmed both by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and by the press release released recently on the platform’s official blog.

Support for the feature is being gradually released and allows you to use two different accounts at the same time on the instant messaging service that millions of people use every day to exchange text and multimedia content. This is a novelty of some importance, above all for those who also rely on WhatsApp for work.

WhatsApp - Double account - Mark Zuckerberg

As explained in the press release, «to switch between accounts, such as work and personal, you will no longer have to log out every time, carry two phones or worry about sending messages from the wrong place».

It’s there though something to know about setting up the second account. To do this it is absolutely necessary have a second phone number and another SIM card, or a smartphone with dual SIM or eSIM. Once this requirement is met, just open the app settings, click on the arrow icon located next to your name, then click on “Add account”.

The novelty, as anticipated, is in the development phase rolling outAlso in Europe.


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