WhatsApp embraces artificial intelligence: the latest news on Meta AI

WhatsApp embraces artificial intelligence: the latest news on Meta AI

Meta continues briskly in its innovation campaign in the field ofartificial intelligence. In addition to introducing the new LLM Llama 3, characterized by optimized performance and more accurate results, the US giant has also provided some additional details about Meta AI for WhatsApp.

With Meta AI it is possible to create images directly on WhatsApp

In the recent blog post, Meta makes it known that – after the first limited tests relating to the creation of stickers with AI – its intention is to offer more and more users the “magic” and versatility of artificial intelligence. Meta AI, explains the company, is currently only available in the United States (only in English), but over the next few weeks it will also land in other countries, including Australia, Canada, Nigeria, New Zealand and South Africa. At the moment there is no trace of Europebut the boot could be included in the “many others” mentioned in the post.

Availability aside, there are two novelty to capture attention. The first is the possibility of converse with the AI ​​chatbot directly from the search function. Meta AI can provide suggestions and answer questions about sports, entertainment and current affairs by “fishing” from major search providers.

The second is the one that allows you to create images from scratch starting from a text prompt. Just as it is already possible to do with other AI tools, such as Microsoft Designer. Word after word, Meta AI creates an image in real time and – once the work is finished – it also provides a video of the entire creative process which the user can then share with third parties.

Meta AI WhatsApp - GIF

The new features described above are currently only available in beta and can therefore be used only by a small number of users. The company promises that over the next few months it will introduce new features while improving the performance of its AI.

But when will the debut be in Europe too? Unfortunately, at the moment no information has been leaked in this regard, so we just have to wait.

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