WhatsApp finally allows you to pin messages to the top in chat

WhatsApp finally allows you to pin messages to the top in chat

With the aim of significantly improving the platform, WhatsApp has recently introduced some key updates. 2023 served as a trailblazer towards a significantly better future. Further confirmation came from the latest update reported by the messaging app which listened to users and followed up on the rumors circulated weeks ago.

Some time ago WhatsApp introduced pinned chats at the top and is now moving them from 3 to 5, but it doesn’t end there. Users will now have the option to pin any message to the top in every chat, whether it’s a text, an emoji or images and polls.

This means that in groups, for example, you can set the most important message at the top without having to search for it by scrolling through hundreds of messages. This is the perfect method to avoid forgetting appointments or something important to do.

WhatsApp: messages pinned to the top arrive in chat, here’s how to do it

WhatsApp finally allows you to pin messages to the top in chat

The news has finally arrived that will make chatting life easier for people on WhatsApp. The method for pinning a message remains the same as when pinning a chat: long press on the message and select “Fixed” from the drop-down menu that appears.

The app also allows its users to choose the duration for which that message will remain there, fixed in another. The options include different periods, starting from 24 hours up to 7 days (default choice) or 30 days. Furthermore, as regards group chats, only administrators will be able to choose whether users will have the possibility to block messages or whether the privilege will be exclusively theirs.

Obviously privacy is guaranteed as even fixed messages remain protected by the crittografia end-to-end as usual on WhatsApp.

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