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WhatsApp for Android, new features coming for channels and statuses

Numerous innovations have arrived on WhatsApp in recent months: new interfaces, options for greater privacy protection and tools for communicating in a more effective, personalized and creative way. Despite this, the developers continue to work on the platform assiduously, proposing important changes to users. There are some coming soon that specifically concern the application for mobile devices supported by the Android operating system.

Channels will undergo further improvement, which will make them increasingly functional and guarantee a more satisfying, fun and engaging experience. It will be greater control for states on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, channel surveys coming soon: everything you need to know

After the worldwide launch, i channels were received with much enthusiasm by users and are having great success. They will soon be further refined, with the introduction of surveys within channels with options that will allow for high customization and meticulous control.

In particular, whoever creates the survey and shares it within a channel will be able to limit subscribers’ responses, choosing to allow only one choice from the possible options or to make multiple answers possible. The polls will therefore be very similar to those that can already be used in group chats.

Obtaining, reading and interpreting results and feedback will be extremely simple, while remaining high privacy protectionsince the phone number of the person who responds always remains hidden and is in no way disclosed by the channel owner to the other followers.

The aim of this new introduction, currently under developmentit’s clear: encourage interactions and active participation in the channel and help channel creators gather valuable information about their audience to offer them increasingly relevant and interesting content.

Mutated states, what is about to change on WhatsApp

Another important new feature concerns WhatsApp statuses and was designed to create a cleaner and tidier Updates tab.

It was introduced in the main tab Updates a section where you can view disabled status updates. This area is available to all users who have decided not to follow any channel.

Previously, status updates were completely disabled removed in favor of channels and to access it you had to click on the three dots positioned at the top. This new change eliminates an extra step and makes the overall experience easier for users who currently choose to ignore the ability to use channels.

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