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WhatsApp for Android, you will soon be able to connect the iPad

There are so many innovative features that have been implemented on WhatsApp in the past weeks and months. The platform developers are doing an intensive work to make the use of the instant messaging app more and more satisfying and to allow it to keep pace with the times and be competitive on the market.

There are many new features coming to the app for Android deviceswhich some users have already been able to view and try thanks to the update of the beta version of the application.

Companion mode, all connection possibilities

It had already been announced in recent days the release of Companion mode, which allows you to use the same account on multiple devices at the same time, up to a maximum of four. A big change from the previous situation where connecting from a new device caused disconnection from the previous one.

The mode was thought to be for iOS devices that Android and was built to maintain a high level of privacydetermined by the presence of end-to-end encryption.

Despite the already satisfactory result and the users’ appreciation for this introduction, the platform developers have decided not to stop and have worked to increase compatibility. In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the connection between Android devices and iPads was made possible.

Companion mode, the compatibility between Android devices and iPad

Until now it was not possible connect an Android device and the iPad and use the same account on both device, but the situation is about to change. Compatibility is currently under development. Subsequently it will be disseminated to beta testers and, once perfected, it will be present for all users who use WhatsApp. It will probably take some more time.

The iPad comes recognized as a fully-fledged connected device and, therefore, falls within the four available connections. Users who have a primary Android device will also be able to use the application on their tablet regardless of which operating system it is supported by.

The greater compatibility of the companion mode it’s just one of the latest projects WhatsApp developers are working on. At the same time, they are busy with the realization of an increasingly intuitive interface, simple to use and with a modern look. New ways of communicating, managing groups and much more are coming soon.

In order to preview the new functions, you need to download WhatsApp Beta, available for both Android and iOS devices, and subscribe to the beta testing channel. Accessing this version of the platform will be possible be among the first to discover and try out what’s new in WhatsApp.

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