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WhatsApp for iOS, creating channels will be possible for everyone

The global launch of WhatsApp channels has finally happened and, currently, they are available in more than 150 countries around the world. Users who use the instant messaging platform can easily find updates, news and in-depth information on the topics, organizations and brands they find interesting using their mobile device.

If searching and subscribing to channels is now available to everyone, there are still few users in the world who can create a new channel and send photos, images, videos, texts or stickers to your followers one-way on WhatsApp. The situation, however, will change soon. The developers are about to make some changes that have already been seen by some who have an iOS device. Let’s find out the details.

WhatsApp, users will be able to create channels: the news

Recent WhatsApp updates have brought the channels to a wider audience. Now everyone can search and subscribe to a channel with just a few clicksreceiving daily and frequent information on the topics of interest to them.

Thanks to WhatsApp channels, for example, you can obtain news about the economy, current affairs, the initiatives of a brand or a non-profit association. There are few who can currently start creating a channelbut it is certain that through the next updates more and more people will be able to create their own channel.

Some users may begin to see the functionality already in the next few days, but it could take weeks before it’s available to everyone. If present, it can be found in the air Updatesby clicking on the button (+).

If the item is in the menu that opens Create channel you can start making your own and invite friends and followers to follow it. If not, you will need to be patient and wait and make sure you have the latest update available.

Creating WhatsApp channels, how to do it

To create your own WhatsApp channel you need to click on the appropriate button that will be implemented in the area Updates. It’s necessary choose a namewhich can be changed at any time, and is no longer than 100 characters.

It is advisable enter a description, which allows users to immediately understand what they can view in the channel. You can choose an icon that facilitates identification of the channel quickly using an image or sticker.

Once configured, you can Share the channel link with friends and family and start growing your audience. The link can be shared via messages, status or other applications. Administrators can be selected to allow other users to publish content.

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