WhatsApp for iPhone, new menus for audio and video

New features and new tools I’m coming for WhatsApp and for those who use the service using a supported iOS operating system device. This is the introduction of new menus that aim to make navigation within the application simpler, faster, more immediate and within everyone’s reach.

Also planned is the implementation of new research tools on which the platform’s developers have worked steadily in recent weeks. Let’s find out the details of the planned changes and what their advantages are.

WhatsApp for iOS, new menus for audio and video

Improvements and the introduction of new tools happen frequently on WhatsApp, as the developers and the entire service team constantly work to be able to provide users with an application modern, simple to use, effective and highly competitive compared to competitors’ proposals.

After working to provide greater control over instant messages and introducing the ability to disable them, this type of content receives a further change. It could soon be released to all users a new menu which allows you to quickly switch from audio to video message mode without making mistakes and without difficulty.

If now a click on the icon is enough to switch between modes, in the future a menu will be inserted that will appear after pressing the button. Here you can consciously choose whether to create voice messages or opt for instant video messages.

The menu was created with the purpose of simplify the process and avoid errors during the creation of the contents. It is a concrete response to the comments of users, who in the past have complained of difficulties in using the function and the tendency to perform involuntary mode changes.

At the moment the moment the new menu is being tested and is only available to a limited number of users using the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. It will be distributed to more people in the next few days.

WhatsApp, more effective searches in the updates tab

Changes also foreseen for the application updates tab for iOS devices. A function will soon be added to iPhones that allows users to search for the channels they follow in a search bar, avoiding having to find the one they want again.

The search functionality is under testing and only available to some users using the beta version of the application. Its introduction is a clear sign of the developers’ propensity to listen to feedback and requests coming from users.

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