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WhatsApp for Windows, you will soon be able to edit messages and share your screen

WhatsApp developers are working on a lot of features for the application for devices supported by iOS and Android operating systems, which are in the testing or release phase. An interface with a more modern and intuitive design, the ability to create channels and much more. It is not excluded, from improvements and new implementations, WhatsApp per Windows.

The web application that can be used by users on the personal computer will soon suffer updates that will add important features. Let’s find out all the details.

WhatsApp for Windows, screen sharing arrives: how to use it

Screen sharing allows users using WhatsApp to show the activities that are running on the desktop, make presentations or show photos, documents and videos while I’m on a video call, both single and group.

It only takes a few clicks to activate screen content sharing. You must select the button located at the bottom of the screen during a video call. Control is highbecause, after clicking on the button, you can choose exactly what to project on the interlocutor’s device.

Yes you can decide to show a specific window and make it impossible to view other activities on the device, or show the whole screen uncensored. It is a very useful function especially for those who use WhatsApp to receive and send business communications. Screen sharing can also be done with users using mobile devices. It is currently in testing, but will soon be released to all who use the service.

Editing messages is finally possible with WhatsApp

After many requests from users, WhatsApp is ready to release the feature that allows you to edit messages on Windows. It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the company that owns the platform, through an announcement on Instagram.

Editing sent messages can be done quickly after sending. You can remove typos, express concepts more clearly, or eliminate spelling errors. To edit text messages, go to the message menu. The action can only be performed within 15 minutes of submitting.

The feature is also available for the desktop application for Windows, downloadable from the Microsoft Store. Currently it has been released only for some beta testers.

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