A few weeks after the first sightings, the first substantial details emerge about the options offered by any subscribers (business users) of the WhatsApp Premium subscription program.
WhatsApp: here are the first benefits of the WhatsApp Premium subscription plan

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Purchased by Facebook (now Meta) in 2014, WhatsApp messaging has been free for some time now, having abolished the offering that was asked at the beginning to continue using its services: last month it emerged that the Zuckerberg chat app will return to implement a form of subscription and, in the past few hours, more details have emerged on the matter.

The leakers of WABetaInfo, the same ones who have discovered a future improvement to silently abandon groups, have discovered that, in favor of Business users, on Desktop, iOS and Android clients, there will be the optional possibility of subscribing to a subscription called WhatsApp Premium . Analyzing the code of the platform, several useful details emerged regarding this opportunity which, however, will not concern ordinary users.

Companies, by subscribing to WhatsApp Premium, of which for now it is not known in which markets it will debut, nor with which price lists it will do so, will first of all get the advantage of being able to connect their account to use it on 10 devices at the same time against the 4 standards, being able to also rename for better management of your workforce. Furthermore, it will be possible, as a second benefit that emerged, to generate personalized links.

Already today it is possible to create short links, containing the company telephone number, to be shared, by intervening on which a customer can open a chat with a given company: by subscribing to WhatsApp Premium, you will be able to obtain links such as wa.me/company name, decidedly easier to remember, which will not hide the company number but which, being in any case unique, will always allow you to start a specific company chat. It should be noted, according to the source, that the company will be able to modify the personalized links only once every 3 months, or 90 days.

At the moment, as often happens with unofficial unconfirmed discoveries, it is difficult to hypothesize when this novelty will actually debut even if it is possible to venture that, when this happens, the package of services offered to companies under the name of WhatsApp Premium will be richer than when not. appear today, when the feature is still in development.


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