WhatsApp, how to make and send video messages

WhatsApp is among the most loved and downloaded applications in the world. I am the one who makes it so appreciated the numerous featureswhich are constantly increased and improved thanks to the intense work of the developers, and for the possibility it offers users to converse with distant people, in the way they deem most appropriate and effective. The customization possibilities are highas well as the tools that allow you to speed up communication exchanges.

For this purpose they have been implemented video messages on WhatsApp, a way to send short videos directly into chats. A novelty that was welcomed extremely favorably by users of the platform and which had already appeared on competing services.

Make video messages it is extremely simple and intuitive. They are accessible to everyone, even those who are less familiar with general applications and tools.

  • 1. Video messages on WhatsApp, what they are and where to find them

    Video messages on WhatsApp are very short video contents that are forwarded by the user within the chats and which have a rounded format. They can be reproduced by those who receive them as many times as they wish, just like with voice messages.

    They are meant for quickly share your voice and face. To use them you need to press the appropriate button, which has been inserted in the toolbar next to the area where the text is inserted before forwarding.

    While particularly loved by a portion of users, there are those who do not appreciate the new functionality and consider it not very useful or even annoying. WhatsApp allows it to be deactivatedso that you can neither send video messages, to avoid errors, nor receive them.

    They can be used on all mobile devices which have a front camera and a rear camera. You can shoot from both in order to show your face and what is present in front of you device.

    Instant video messages, which can be considered an evolution of voice messages, can have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Their biggest advantage is that you don’t need to record a video and save it inside the gallery before forwarding it. The action is immediate and requires a single gesture: press and hold the recording button integrated into the application.

    The circle-shaped preview, an innovative format for WhatsApp, allows you to distinguish instant video messages from other types of content at a glance, in particular from longer videos. The preview shows playback without sound. To listen, click on it.

    Instant video messages, for example ensure the highest level of safetyare encrypted end-to-end, just like all communication exchanges that take place on WhatsApp, with the exception of what happens on channels.

  • 2. How to turn instant video messages on and off

    Video messages can be activated by accessing the email area Chat settings on WhatsApp. If you are using an operating system supported device iOS you need to launch the application and click Settingspresent at the bottom of the screen.

    Scroll and click on the entry Chat. Activate or deactivate the switch next to the wording Instant Video Messages. When it is colored green it means that you are able to send and receive video messages.

    If you have a device Android, launch the application and click on the three vertical dots located at the top of the screen. click on Settings and choose the voice Chat. Activate or deactivate the switch next to the Instant video messages item. You can send them when they turn green.

  • 3. How to make an instant video message on WhatsApp for Android

    If you have an Android mobile device, sending a video message on WhatsApp requires a few simple steps, all extremely quick. First of all, it is necessary start the application and locate the chat where you want to send the content.

    Inside the conversation, quickly click on the microphone button in the bar at the bottom of the screen. This will quickly turn into a camera.

    To record the video message press and hold the camera button. If you want to change the camera used, click on the button represented by two arrows. Release the record button to send the content.

  • 4. How to make an instant video message on WhatsApp for iPhone

    The procedure for sending a video message on iPhone is very similar to that for Android devices. After starting the application, locate the conversation where you want to forward the content. Quickly click on the microphone button to turn it into a record button represented by a camera icon.

    Hold down the record button and click the camera button if you want to use it a camera other than the active one. Release the button to forward the content to the user.

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