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WhatsApp, how to send messages to numbers not in your address book

WhatsApp is one of the main communication tools for web userswho choose the platform every day to send WhatsApp messages to friends, relatives, colleagues and many other people around the world, taking advantage of its numerous features and possibilities.

Sometimes it may be necessary to forward communications to numbers which, although known to you, they have not been saved in the phone book. At the moment, developers are working on new methods to start conversations while protecting user privacy, but there is not yet a function that allows you to chat with people whose numbers you don’t know.

If these are occasional communications, it may not be necessary to save the number in the address book, even if you want to use WhatsApp to send messages. With a little patience and taking advantage of the features of WhatsApp you can overcome the obstacle and achieve this goal without resorting to external applications.

The procedures can be carried out from any device on which WhatsApp is used: personal computers or mobile devices equipped with the iOS or Android operating system.

  • 1. WhatsApp, how to find contacts and how to add new ones

    Save numbers in the address book, albeit temporarilyremains the simplest, most immediate and safest way to be able to find the contact on WhatsApp and be able to send messages, multimedia elements, audio and much more.

    To locate contacts with whom to chat you must access the phone book. With an iOS or Android device, launch the official application of the service. Go to the tab Chat and click on the icon New Chat.

    After clicking, a screen opens containing all your contacts who use WhatsApp. Simply select one to start the conversation. If the contact is not present he may not use WhatsApp.

    To be able to view contacts in the address book, this is necessary grant the application permission to access the list. To do this you need to go to Settings of the application and modify previously granted or denied permissions.

    If the contact has not yet been saved in the address book, you can register it from the application by clicking on New contact and entering the name, surname, telephone number and other fields if you wish to add details and clearer information.

    You can add a contact by scanning their personal WhatsApp QR code. This is a quick and simple method.

  • 2. How to send WhatsApp messages to a number not in your address book from iOS

    If you use an iOS device you can start a chat with numbers not in the address book. To do this you need to launch the application and go to the Chat section by clicking on the relevant icon located at the bottom of the screen.

    Click on the button New Chat at the top right of the screen and look for the phone number or name in the search bar where the writing is present Search for a name or number. If the contact is not present you can click on Share invitation link and forward it to the desired user through other applications.

    If you want to avoid this step, you can use your phone’s browser and type the string https://wa.me/ in the address bar, following which you must add the international prefix and the number of the person with whom you want to message without saving the number in the address book. Press enter and click Continue and go to the chat.

    Choose to open the chat from the WhatsApp application and start exchanging messages with the desired person. The conversation will remain saved in the Chats tab and will be possible find it at any time and continue conversing.

  • 3. How to send WhatsApp messages to a number not in your address book from Android

    The procedure for sending WhatsApp messages to a number in the address book from Android is extremely similar to that of iOS. Launch the application and go to the Chat section by clicking on the item Chat at the top left and then on the button New chat on the far right.

    Tap the magnifying glass icon and search for the contact’s phone number or name. If not present, select Share invitation link and send the user through external applications.

    Alternatively, launch your favorite browser on your mobile device and in the address bar type https://wa.me/ followed by the country code and the telephone number of your contact. Start the chat and agree to continue the conversation on the application. Send the first message: from that moment the chat will be present in the conversation list.

  • 4. Send WhatsApp message to a number not present in the address book on PC

    Using your browser you can converse with a number not present in your address book from your PC or Mac by running a completely similar procedure to that of mobile devices. Start the browser and enter the string https://wa.me/ followed by the international prefix and the telephone number in the address bar. Start the conversation by choosing to continue on WhatsApp web or the web app for your computer.

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