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WhatsApp, how to share high quality images

Sharing content, including images and videos, is extremely easy thanks to the communication tools made available by the web. Among the most used is WhatsAppa popular and extremely popular messaging application, through which you can communicate with friends, relatives and acquaintances without geographical limits and without having to incur additional costs, in addition to those necessary to have an Internet connection. In addition to facilitating the exchange of messages, allows you to send high quality images.

A particularly useful function for those who love share images and moments of your life with your loved ones daily or for those who, for professional reasons, need to show photographs or copies of documents.

WhatsApp, if you follow the right procedure, it does not compress images and shares them in HD. Let’s find out how to do it through the official app of the service or by using third-party, safe and reliable applications.

  • 1. WhatsApp, the feature that allows you to send photos in HD

    The function that allows you to send photos in HD has been implemented in August 2023 by WhatsApp and from that moment more and more users have decided to use it. It is useful for forwarding images that have a high resolution and weight and that show a high number of details that must not be altered by possible compression.

    To make sure you have the function, now widespread to all users who they use the instant messaging platform owned by Metayou need to download the latest version of the application from the App store or Play Store based on the operating system your mobile device is equipped with.

    The functionality can be applied only and exclusively to high quality images. For all other contents it cannot be activated.

    It is good to take that into consideration i HD files are sharperbut they take up more storage space and take longer to send.

  • 2. WhatsApp, send a high quality image from an iOS device

    If you use WhatsApp on an iOS device, sending an HD image requires very few steps. Launch the application on your iPhone and locate the contact or group to which you want to forward the content. Click on it to open the chat.

    In the chat, select the (+) button present at the bottom left and choose the item Photo and video library. Choose the high quality image you want to forward from those present. In the screen that opens, click the HD button to set the quality of media files.

    Choose the item HD quality. A message will confirm that HD mode is applied. Add any caption and make changes if necessary and, once finished, click on the button sending.

    The images sent in HD quality are reported in the chat with a symbol placed on the photo.

  • 3. WhatsApp, send a photo in HD from an Android device

    The procedure for sending HD photos from Android devices changes slightly compared to that of iOS devices. Launch the application and select the chat where you want to send the image from the chat list.

    Once the chat is open, click on the paperclip icon located in the bar where you write the message and select the item Galleria. Choose a high-quality image to send and click the HD button at the top of the screen.

    In the menu that opens you can choose the quality of the photograph. To select HD quality. An automatic message will confirm the selected mode. Add a caption and make other changes and hit the submit button.

    In the chat, a symbol positioned on the photo sent indicates that the content was sent in high quality and has not undergone compression.

  • 4. How to share multiple photos in high quality

    On WhatsApp you can share multiple photos at once and set HD mode for all. This leads to a slowdown in sending and more space occupied in the storage of the device receiving the content.

    An alternative method can be evaluated, which consists of Compressing photos into a single Zip file which is sent as a document. This is a type of compression that does not reduce the quality of the images, but allows them to be sent more conveniently. Whoever receives the file can extract the images in HD.

    To perform this operation with Android, for example, you can use the app File Manager, pre-installed on almost all devices. After starting it, click on the images item and select the images you want to compress into a single file.

    click on Move and select Internal shared memory. To select Other and choose New folder. Create a new one and insert photos into it. Select the folder, click Other and choose Compress.

    Select the compressed folder, click Send, choose WhatsApp and locate the recipient of the images in the list. Click on his name and press enter. Add a caption e press enter again.

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