WhatsApp: in development for Android the improved previews of the links in the Status

The latest beta update of WhatsApp released in favor of Android users has made it possible to reveal the future (and possible) arrival also in favor of the green robot of an improved wait for status updates.
WhatsApp: in development for Android the improved previews of the links in the Status

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WhatsApp is certainly one of the applications with the most prolific beta program in circulation, which releases a new release almost every day, often to check performance improvements and fixes before administering them to stable users. Sometimes, however, the experimental versions of WA also hide surprises that are not evident, hidden in the application code, even if promptly revealed by the feature trackers.

In the past few hours, WhatsApp has released the beta for Android, which presents, in the back-end, according to an analysis by WABetaInfo, references to a further improvement for the status updates, already officially retouched (marginally and in aesthetics) at the end of last week, when the beta for Android v was released. In today’s case, the references concern something that in the recent past of the platform has already been spotted both in the beta channel for iOS and in the beta channel for Desktop (v 2.2218.1).

Beyond metaphor, the novelty hidden in the beta of WhatsApp for Android concerns the “Rich Link Preview” function (Advanced Link Preview) which means that, when sharing a status update, a more complete and evident preview will be generated. , and full of details than is happening today in the stable version of messaging.

Compared to what is expected on iOS, the WhatsApp client for Android already generates a preview for the links shared in the Status, only that this preview is located at the bottom of the window and is very small: the screenshots depicting the improvement in development, instead, they reveal that, if the same were adopted, the preview would be placed in the center of the window, much larger, placed just above the hyperlink (link).

Even in the new situation (on whose implementation times, first in beta, no details have emerged), to generate the preview, when you go to paste a link in the Status update (or type it in), it will be necessary to wait a few seconds: from the other end of the interaction, the recipient of the sharing, to view the new enriched preview, must have the account enabled for the improvement.


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