WhatsApp: in development native version for macOS, new shortcut answers on Desktop

The unstoppable creative hotbed of Menlo Park immediately got back to work on the development of other improvements for WhatsApp, among which one of the most interesting already spotted could be that of a native WhatsApp app for macOS.
WhatsApp: in development native version for macOS, new shortcut answers on Desktop

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By now distributed the Reactions to everyone, both Desktop and mobile (Android / iOS), WhatsApp immediately got back to work to develop other improvements for its messaging platform, some of which were newly discovered by the reverse engineering of the leakers.

The short recap starts with a newly discovered novelty in Whatsapp Desktop in beta version. Specifically, the WABetaInfo leakers have put their hand to the experimental release 2.2218.0 of this iteration of messaging, and have identified references to a simplified way to reply to a message, compared to the current ones. To date, in fact, you can reply to a message in WhatsApp Desktop by double tapping the message line or, in the settings of the pop-up menu that opens by tapping the arrow pointing down next to the message, choosing the “Reply” item .

According to the screenshots published by the insiders, in the future a third method could also arrive, which involves the appearance of a new shortcut, in the shape of a twisted arrow, next to the icon to confer the Reactions represented by the smiley face, touching which – only one time – you will be able to reply to the attentive message. Despite being a very simple novelty, the WABetaInfo experts have labeled it as still in development, pointing out that if it has not already been released this could also depend on the fact that Menlo Park are wondering whether or not it is the case to release this improvement. .

Last year, WhatsApp distributed on the Microsoft Store the beta of a new version of WhatsApp for Windows which, rewritten from scratch, already implemented the multi-device: something like this would be in development, according to WABetaInfo also for terminals with macOS: in particular, it would be a native app for the operating system in question, created with Mac Catalyst which, as usual, within the path “WhatsApp> Connected devices”, would show a QR code to be scanned by phone.

Apparently, this could also be done from an Android smartphone, so as not to make it necessary for users to switch to iOS on the mobile side if they already had a green robot device: likewise, the insiders have ventured the hypothesis that, ipso facto, in the future it may be possible to use the same account on both an Android and an iOS device at the same time.


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