WhatsApp: in roll-out restyling of position sticker and missed call label, privacy ultimatum from institutions

Still problems in terms of privacy for WhatsApp which, on the other hand, proceeds with its usual updates, also of an aesthetic nature, such as the one just given to one of its well-known stickers.
WhatsApp: in roll-out restyling of position sticker and missed call label, privacy ultimatum from institutions

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Meanwhile, Telegram proclaims June as the debut month of its Premium subscription, WhatsApp, for which July will be a crucial month, releases some small news, not all of a purely stylistic nature.

In recent days, the Cooperation Network for Consumer Protection (i.e. the CPC Network) and the European Commission have launched an ultimatum to Meta in relation to WhatsApp, having not considered satisfactory the responses obtained to the first request for clarification, sent in March , about what the platform does with user data and, above all, if you make money from such data.

In the new request for clarification, which Menlo Park will have to answer by July, there are several points that must be clarified: specifically, with reference to the modified rules of use, among many controversies, even with delay (due to the flight of users ), in 2021, institutions want to know how WhatsApp makes sure users are aware of the consequences of accepting the new rules. Taking into account the persistent in-app notifications inviting them to accept the rules, it should also be clarified what was the way or ways in which WhatsApp guaranteed its users the right to refuse to accept these rules.

No less important will be clarifying what measures will be taken towards those who have already accepted these updated rules, perhaps believing that it was the precondition for continuing to use the messaging service. The latter, then, will also have to clarify “how it uses the personal data of consumers for commercial purposes and if consumers understand that WhatsApp shares this data with other Facebook / Meta companies or third parties”.

In April, with the beta update for Android, WhatsApp had set to work to redesign one of its most famous dynamic stickers, the one that allowed you to share a location. The development has recently ended and this renewed sticker has been released, again on Android, through the new beta the look of the sticker, compared to the first sighting, makes use of a light green. be switched to a second alternative style by simply touching the sticker.

To take advantage of this novelty, if you have already been enabled (currently the roll-out is limited, but further activations will follow in future updates), just go to a photo to share, open the relative editor, touch the smiling emoticon in up and go to the stickers tab. Among the first positions, after the most recent stickers used, the second row – relative to the dynamic ones – ends with the sticker of the position just updated.

Still on the subject of news, WhatsApp has released, in favor of the recent beta for iOS distributed via TestFlight, support for the API that allows you to detect if the do not disturb mode is active, introduced with iOS 15. In this way, in case you receives a call when the do not disturb mode is active, with consequent notifications deactivated, the user will be able to read, in the WhatsApp call history, a new label that will explain to him that he has lost the call precisely because it is silenced by the active do not disturb mode.


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