WhatsApp increases privacy, blocked chats will be hidden

The period of major renovations in the house WhatsApp it shows no signs of ending and this is demonstrated by the rumors that continue to arrive. The famous instant messaging application is in fact about to launch a new update to be inserted into its Beta per Android.

This news will concern a useful functionality for HIDE the blocked chats, the ones you want to keep even more private. The feature is currently under development but should soon be available to all users within the stable version.

It is to be mentioned that WhatsApp has officially launched the feature named Chat Lock last May. This is a way to keep the most delicate and sensitive conversations private. When you block a chat, it will be protected by a password or by data authentication biometrics.

This means that only the user who owns the device will be able to open and read that conversation. If someone were to have access to your phone, they will be able to do little or nothing.

WhatsApp, the new update hides and protects blocked chats even better

As WABetaInfo has noticed in the last few hours, there are several steps forward that WhatsApp has made in integrating a new feature dedicated to blocked chats. It will be even more difficult to access it once the new update is implemented, which is currently already available in the beta issue per Android.

Normally, without this new possibility, strangers who access your smartphone can see that you have chats locked with a password. With the implementation of the new feature, the list of blocked chats will come completely removed from the conversation list.

No one will therefore know that you have blocked chats without having your secret code. Once the new WhatsApp update has been implemented, it will be possible to activate this feature by choosing the item “Hide blocked chats“. Everything should be available on a permanent basis starting from the next few weeks.


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