WhatsApp introduces a new feature perfect for privacy

WhatsApp introduces a new feature perfect for privacy

Every day people use it WhatsApp there are so many that there would be nothing to be surprised about if there were bad intentions. These are able to find a useful way to take advantage of the platform every time, clearly to the detriment of the poor users.

Abuses regarding privacy are commonplace and many of these occur precisely through the profile photo. In fact, it is one of the most common problems. There are users who go in search of some poor unfortunate person to steal their profile picture, downloading it for unclear reasons.

There are so many countermeasures that WhatsApp has adopted to make life difficult for these individuals, even if the platform’s latest idea would be even more ingenious and effective.

WhatsApp will prevent you from taking a screenshot of someone else’s profile picture

The platform has taken numerous measures to make scam activities more difficult. According to what is reported by very reliable sources, WhatsApp should soon add a further piece. This will be useful to avoid abuse regarding the profile image. The problem of the theft of photos from accounts on the famous messaging platform could end at any moment: WhatsApp is launching a new functionality privacy, currently only for beta testers. This function will be able to block every screenshot profile photos.

That’s right, WhatsApp will soon limit all users in this respect. It will practically be banned acquire your profile picture others via a screenshot. The exact moment someone tries to immortalize a user’s profile picture, WhatsApp will instantly block them from that action and inform them that it is not possible to do so.

It is therefore a further countermeasure which tends to discredit any behavior outside the lines. Life for scammers is getting tougher on WhatsApp and this next update will further prove it.

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