WhatsApp introduces new graphics and new icons, as its appearance changes

WhatsApp it was launched on the web in January 2009 and since then it has managed to win over more and more users, who have chosen the service to be able to communicate for free, with only an Internet connection, with anyone they wish, without time or geographical limits. Over time the application, which is now at the top of the ranking of the most downloaded ones, has been updated frequently, in order to provide always a satisfying experience. Recently they have been changes have been introduced to give the app a more modern and current look.

Changes that, now, they are available to everyone. Users have noticed the changes in the design of Meta’s messaging app in recent days. Those owners of a device supported by Android OS will also be able to view it a new navigation barwhile those who have an iOS device, a new one arrangement of attachments.

Let’s find out all the new features implemented and how those who cannot yet see them can obtain them.

WhatsApp changes its appearance, the new features implemented on the platform

WhatsApp has modernized its designmaking it more streamlined and current, competitive with that present in other instant messaging applications. It has not given up its reference colour, greenwhile intervening on the color palette, which has been slightly modified.

The colors became deeper, the shade of green was smoothed out, and neutral colors were used in more places. It is not just a question of aesthetics and style, but a choice dictated by the need to make reading messages easier and reduce eye strain when there are conditions of poor visibility.

Improved the dark mode of the platform, became even darker. Also in this case, the aim is to improve the readability of messages on the platform.

It can be viewed in chats a revisited background, with a new doodle for the preset background and the icons have a more rounded appearance.

New navigation bar, attachment distribution and other new features on WhatsApp

For users using WhatsApp on an Android device, a navigation bar has been introduced at the bottom of the screen. Users who have iOS-equipped devices can see a new layout for forwarding attachments, with the introduction of an expandable container through which to manage the sending of surveys, media and files of all kinds.

These changes were made to facilitate the inclusion of Meta’s AI chatbot in the future.

The new features are being rolled out and most users can already view them on their devices. If they are not yet visible, make sure you have updated WhatsApp to the latest version available. In order not to miss any implementation and to receive it as soon as possible, it is advisable to activate automatic updates.

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