WhatsApp introduces two new privacy features

Being owned by Meta, the US company that also controls Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp has always been at the center of some debates about the protection of privacy of its users. Critical or not, what can be said today is that the team that deals with WhatsApp is working diligently for make the messaging platform more secure most used globally.

WhatsApp wants its users to feel safer and safer: the latest two news

This is not the first time that WhatsApp has added features related to privacy and security, and certainly more will come in the future (at least hopefully). After the padlock to protect the most intimate chats with a password, ephemeral messages, screenshot blocking and the ability to keep your online presence private, two new tools are arriving today: Mute calls from unknown numbers e Privacy control.

Mute calls from unknown numbers

As the name easily implies, this is a feature that allows users to have more control over incoming calls.

WhatsApp - Mute calls from unknown numbers

By activating it, it is possible filter spam, scams and calls from people who are not in your address book. Even if your smartphone doesn’t ring, the calls will still appear in the list, so you can have a look at them later.

To activate the feature you need to go to Settings > Privacy > Calls.

Privacy control

Unlike the previous one, this is a more articulated and customizable feature that allows the end user to choose the level of protection suitable for your needs.

WhatsApp - Privacy Control

To take a look at the various settings, just go to Settings > Privacy > Start monitoring/Start (in the section above). By doing so, you access a series of options to strengthen the security of your activity on WhatsApp (messages, calls and personal information).


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