WhatsApp: it is now possible to send photos and videos in original quality, here's how

Although it is the most used instant messaging application globally, WhatsApp is often the subject of criticism. What makes people turn up their noses, for example, is the quality with which, by default, multimedia contents such as photos and videos are sent. For a matter of speed and storage, in fact, these come compressed, however to the detriment of the final quality. In this regard, however, there is a good news.

WhatsApp for iOS: photos and videos at original quality, here’s how to do it

Unlike many users who pressed “Update” without paying attention to the changelog, the editorial staff of WABetaInfo found that the latest version of WhatsApp per iOS lets now send photos and videos in original quality.

And be careful, this is a different innovation from the one recently introduced and which – through a simple tap on the appropriate button – allows you to forward media in “high definition”. Even in this case, in fact, although it is an improvement to be welcomed, file compression is involved.

However, with the latest update of the client for iOS we are at the next level: users can finally send photos and videos preserving the original quality, without the “threat” of compression. To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a conversation on WhatsApp
  2. Press the “+” button at the bottom left
  3. Select “Document”
  4. Select “Choose photo or video”
  5. Confirm sending the photo or video by pressing the arrow in the blue circle

Another novelty compared to usual is that when photos and/or videos are sent in this way, the preview is not visible in the chat. To view the content you need to press on it.

WhatsApp - Original quality photos and videos

The feature is currently currently being released on iOS only. As for the Android client, it is still in the testing phase and will be available within – hopefully – a few days.


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