WhatsApp: it will soon be easier to share content in channels

WhatsApp: it will soon be easier to share content in channels

WhatsApp it is one of those apps that users are used to seeing constantly updated. Regardless of the operating system, the most popular messaging platform in the world tends to report the same news.

The latest concerns the beta version for Android (, which now brings a nice improvement especially for one area in particular. Available through the Google Play Beta program, this new update offers a preview of several features that will help make the sharing content on channels WhatsApp smoother and more efficient.

WhatsApp, sharing content on channels is now faster and more efficient

With the latest updates that have simplified the use of channels quite a bit, WhatsApp is now exploring ways to make one aspect easier: sharing content. Channel users will in fact be able to exploit this functionality more efficiently and quickly.

WhatsApp: it will soon be easier to share content in channels

This means that users they will soon be able to forward messages, photos, videos and GIFs directly to their channels. This means that you will not need to save and load content separately.

According to the source par excellence WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is also thinking of another solution. The giant would in fact like to expand this functionality by allowing users to share content from other apps directly on their channels. While these features are not yet available in the current beta, it will soon be easier to make channels exciting.

This latest update ready to arrive for beta users is in line with the constant commitment that WhatsApp shows in improving the user experience for channels. By simplifying the process of sharing content from both personal chats and external apps, WhatsApp allows channel owners to be able to provide updates in a timely and entertaining manner with minimal effort. There will soon be news regarding the launch first in the beta version and then in the stable version.

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