WhatsApp: lots of news, including quick response improvements and Ray-Ban Stories glasses

There are so many updates just released by WhatsApp, now more functional both in tandem with a Windows computer and with Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: here is a brief recap of the latest implementations via beta.
WhatsApp: lots of news, including quick response improvements and Ray-Ban Stories glasses

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Always committed to improving itself to offer its users a perfected user experience, WhatsApp has pulled several roll-outs out of the hat, including one that involves the Reactions again and one that improves the operational capabilities of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

In recent weeks, on the occasion of the release of the Android beta of WhatsApp for Android, the time limit of the “Delete for all” function has been extended to 2 days and 12 hours for some users: now, in standardizing the ‘user experience on the mobile side, the same function has also been extended to some iOS users who have downloaded, via TestFlight, the beta release, although this implementation may have also appeared among some users in possession of the version previous, the

Bringing to the desktop what is already possible on the mobile side in terms of quick responses to notifications without the need to open the app, WhatsApp has also issued an important update in its variant “Universal Windows Platform”, UWP, downloadable from the Microsoft Store and different from standard desktop app built with the Electron framework. With the new beta update, release 2.2227.2.0, of WhatsApp for Windows, the message notifications will certainly present the sender’s name and a summary of the message (so far, nothing new) but, in addition, next to the Open button, there will be the 3 dots icon by intervening on which an answer can be typed on the fly directly from the area where notifications are displayed.

Recently subjected to an important improvement, the Reactions have already been updated again in the past few hours, making available to some users, via beta releases and for Android, a function that, upon receipt of a Reactions, in an individual or group chat, in the chat list shows a preview of the text (useful to understand for which message the Reaction was received). It should be noted that the improvement just spotted in roll-out cannot be deactivated even if the reaction notifications have been deactivated in the WhatsApp settings> Notifications.

Two months after the first sightings (in the beta of WA for Android), Mark Zuckerberg has announced an implementation involving the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses which, from now on, will allow, always in encryption regime end-to-end, to send messages, make calls via WhatsApp hands-free (thanks to Facebook Assistant and the string “Hey Facebook, call”, “Hey Facebook, send message to”), but also to have them read them after being warned of their arrival (“New message on WhatsApp from: is it a good time to talk?”). In the future, after the glasses have read a message arrived on WhatsApp (or Messenger), it will be possible to use voice commands to respond, always “hands free” (“Hey Facebook, answer”).


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