WhatsApp, Meta brings the blue check to the messaging app

WhatsApp, Meta brings the blue check to the messaging app

It now seems clear that 2023 is the year in which WhatsApp received the greatest number of new ones updates and functionality. Many of these have been extended to the entire group of platforms in reference to the giant Metasuch as the new Meta AI assistant and the Meta AI stickers which will soon also arrive on Facebook and Instagram together.

However, the latest beta version of the most famous instant messaging platform in the world suggests further integration. In fact, it is slowly arriving there blue tickbut only for some well-defined realities.

If Meta has given Instagram users the opportunity to purchase this privilege by paying monthly, on WhatsApp it will be a resource that only users channels and only them companies check it out they will be able to receive. It should be noted that all this already happens with the green check, so it will be a simple color change aimed at an already pre-established future.

WhatsApp, the blue ticks are arriving but not for simple users: they will concern channels and companies

Through the expert information of the WABetaInfo portal, important advances have reached the headlines. The beta version of WhatsApp for Android would have certified the passage of the check from green to color blucertainly more suited to Meta’s standards.

Verified companies will also be involved in this change, with the tick therefore changing colour. This change, which is actually not that surprising, is fully in line with what was stated by Mark Zuckerberg. The owner of Meta in fact spoke of a future in which companies present on WhatsApp will be able to sign up for Meta Verified, offering the public a verification badge that certifies authenticity.

This decision to change the color of the check is therefore not just an aesthetic choice, but also a strategic move useful for better blending in with the other platforms of the group. We will therefore see what the salient points of this evolution will be, perhaps with the first updates that will touch the stable platform.

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