WhatsApp: more privacy and Reactions arrive on iOS

According to what was announced by the WABetaInfo feature trackers, WhatsApp has distributed two new beta releases for iOS, with related news, in terms of privacy but also of user experience: let’s find out what it is.
WhatsApp: more privacy and Reactions arrive on iOS

The launch of news at WhatsApp continues at a rapid pace, which, after those put in place in the past few hours, has immediately returned to be talked about, putting its version for iOS on a par with that for Android about some expectations and usefulness. functionality.

The first novelty of this second Whatsuppian recap earlier this week concerns an improvement that, already present on Android (beta, has now also reached the beta testers of WhatsApp for iOS, via TestFlight, with the release In particular, it is a function that ensures greater control to users regarding the usability of their personal data. As known, following the path Settings> Account> Privacy, you can access the options to adjust the visibility of the last access, the status, the info and the profile image: before the update, only the options “all” or “none”, while now there is also the item “my contacts except”, which allows you to leave the desired info visible to all, except for some explicitly mentioned contacts.

WABetaInfo, who mentioned the novelty, recalled how by hiding status, information and profile images, you will still be able to continue to see such data in others: otherwise, by hiding your last access, you will not be able to see that of others.

Still on iOS, again to put the iPhone app on par with that of Android phones, the subsequent beta release has also arrived via TestFlight, which provides a novelty found in August, and at the end of March implemented in the WhatsApp client. In particular, it is the possibility of replying to a message with emojis (initially 6, with the subsequent possibility of perhaps using all the emoticons already spotted in development).

To make sure you have been involved in the implementation, which for now still involves few users, just select a message by holding it down for a long time to see if a new bar also appears, the one relating to the Reactions of the thumb up, the like, the heart , of the laughing face, of the one that cries or is surprised, and that of the folded hands to thank or pray.


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