While working on an Instagram-style function, to signal the presence of new status updates at a glance, WhatsApp has released an update for iOS, with the provision of something already seen in the Android iteration.
WhatsApp: new captions on iOS, rings to report status updates

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Almost every day, WhatsApp releases new updates which, if they do not provide new roll-out improvements, as just happened on iOS, almost always allow you to take a peek at what the programmers of the platform are dedicating to, which, in fact, they are also working on a better way to highlight new status updates.

As known, with the beta of WhatsApp for Android, Menlo Park has made available to some users a revision of the captions, which appears when sending a photo or video, which also includes a system to add more recipients or to change them before sending, with also the possibility of using the medium as a status update. The reason for this change probably lies in the fact that soon the camera card, from which it was possible to do these things, will be replaced by the one dedicated to the Communities.

With the arrival of the beta release, distributed by WhatsApp for iOS through the TestFlight program, the same revisitation also comes in favor of some iPhone users: moreover, in the same beta also comes the restyling for the interface of when you change the audience of your Status updates although, it is pointed out, to change it permanently, it will still be necessary to switch from the privacy settings relating to the Status (in essence, the WhatsApp Stories).

On Instagram, Meta has long since introduced a function whereby, if a user publishes a new Story, a colored ring surrounds their profile image whether the name appears in the feed or whether it appears in direct messaging. Something similar could also arrive on WhatsApp.

The news, also in this case, are the leakers of WABetaInfo who, analyzing a version of WhatsApp Desktop (but the novelty will also concern the mobile iterations), discovered that a still not clear green light ring is in preparation. around profile pictures in the chat list. In this case, by touching these circles, you will be taken directly to the status update that was not yet displayed.


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