WhatsApp, new features arrive for chats and favorite contacts

WhatsApp is a feature-rich platform, both in its mobile version and in its web and desktop version. Despite its great complexity, New features are constantly being implemented in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the people who use the platform on a daily basis to exchange messages and to carry on long conversations without geographical limits.

After having witnessed some important changes regarding the channels, a new strong point of the platform, some new features are now arriving that have been long awaited and requested by users to be able to personalize your business on the instant messaging app.

It’s about the possibility of mark the chats that you interact with most often or that are of significant importance. The same thing can be done with the desired contacts, indicating to the platform which ones are preferred.

Let’s discover the new features in detail, when they will be released to all those who use WhatsApp and the advantages they will guarantee.

Favorite chats and contacts on WhatsApp, what they are and the advantages

On WhatsApp it will be possible to mark certain chats and certain contacts as favorites. The functionality, at the moment in the design and testing phasewas spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp for devices supported by the iOS operating system and was greeted with great interest and curiosity.

This is a big change, since until now the platform allowed for flag messages only and save them as favourites.

Thanks to the inclusion in favorites, it will be easier for users filter your conversationsi.e. find among the numerous chats the one you are looking for and with whom you want to interact. The same will be possible to do with contacts.

It’s a great way to avoid missing conversations deemed important or to quickly send messages to certain recipients. The favorite flag can be considered a real tag, which will allow users to further personalize their experience on the platform.

Chats and favorite contacts, how they will work

There is no clear news yet on when the new feature will be implemented. Most likely, you will need to wait a little longer before its diffusion among all those who use WhatsApp. During the testing phase, any critical issues reported by the beta testers will be evaluated and resolved.

There is also uncertainty about its functioning. Chats and contacts marked as favorites may all be included in a specific highlighted tab, which can be accessed through new icons. In the coming days, WhatsApp may release more details and communications about this upcoming feature.

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